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Re: depersonalisation and derealisation

@indieinsanus same... sometimes I'll walk outside and everything seems to have lost its meaning. And I can't feel the soil or the breeze and the stars just look like dots and every sound merges into white noise. It's like my last comfort's been taken away sometimes..

Re: depersonalisation and derealisation

@Tiny_leaf yeah i really hate it. I looove nature, and now i struggle to feel immersed in it and really appreciate its beauty. I struggle to feel present. 

Anyway, lately things have been somewhat better overall, but just recently DP has been acting up but i think its because of stress.

Re: depersonalisation and derealisation

Just wanted to say great thread @indieinsanus! I think it will help a lot of people. I have experienced derealisation and depersonalisation too and it brings me comfort to see that I'm not alone. In addition to the factors you mentioned, I have also heard of people experiencing depersonalisation due to experiencing chronic pain, such as feeling that the affected body part does not belong to them.

I'm sorry that you've been struggling with DP recently. Smiley Sad Are there any things that you find help you with it? My psychologist taught me mindfulness and grounding techniques.

Re: depersonalisation and derealisation

@indieinsanus same.. between that and my chronic pain, I don't get to be in nature as much as I want to. Sometimes I don't even try going outside, because it breaks my heart a bit when I'm there but it doesn't make me feel anything. 


One thing that helps me feel present in nature is to just focus as much as I can on something small. Like, I might pick up a leaf or pebble, and let myself explore how it feels.

Because I mostly go out at night, I'll often pick up more detail using my hands than I will with my eyes. Often I'll get "sucked in", and I'll run my hand over the grass or along the bark of a tree. I might slowly start to feel present again, and notice my surroundings more.

It's a way to.. sort coax myself out of that feeling, and find a small way to connect. 

Re: depersonalisation and derealisation

@Tiny_leaf  Sorry it took me so long to reply! I have been MIA in major works and stuff. 

I love to do 'earthing' as a grounding technique. Its walking barefoot on the earth and absorbing its energies in a way.

Tonight has been the first time in a while that i have felt a continuous feeling of dissociation, its kind of making me anxious which in effect is making my DP/DR worse. Fun, hahaha. Anyway, i have my candles lit and im listening to lana del ray in my room, and trying to chill tf out. Overall im doing okay, i hope everyone else is doing okay =)