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I just found out that my boyfriend, who i love, only has 3 weeks to a month to live..  Its a long distance relationship, but i trust him completely. And when he told me.. I just broke down.. I didn't know what else to do. I can't lose him.. I need help getting through this, and hopefully i'll be able to help him.. its like my worst nightmare coming to life.. One of the few good things in my life, gone. I've never seen him before, only pictures. But its all I need. Sure, it would be amazing if i saw him, but he lives so far away.. He means so much to me, he's always there when i need him the most, even staying up late just so he can make sure im okay. It just feels so unfair, he's the nicest, sweetest and kindest person i know, and i might lose him..


So if anybody knows anything that could help us, please tell me. it means to world to me. And if the time comes where he's gone.. I'll need even more help than I've ever needed before..

Re: devestated..

Hi again gotchi101, welcome back.


That's some really awful news. I'm so sorry. Smiley Sad


I'm sure the doctors have done all they can for his illness but there are some things you can do.

We have some good articles about dealing with a life threatening illness that might help.


That aside, it may sounds silly, but try to stay positive. He may have a lot of people around him giving him gloomy faces so try doing what you can to make his remaining time as cheerful as possible.


Remember, too, that you should give yourself time to grieve afterwards. It's a normal and healthy experience for everyone to go through when dealing with loss. You'll need to talk to someone about it, so don't forget to give Kids Helpline a call on 1800 55 1800.


Try to stay strong

Re: devestated..

Its just so hard.. I've been crying for around 2 hours now.. i dont want to lose him. It seems like everything in my life is all dark and gloomy, and then there's him, all bright and colourful, if you get what i mean.


he hasn't told me whats wrong with him, he probably doesn't want me to get upset again.. its so hard to be positive, it feels like my whole world has just tumbled to the ground.. I just wish that a miracle would happen so he doesn't.. Die.. i know that death is a normal part of life, but he's only 15.. its too young.. too young to die.. I don't want to lose him..

Re: devestated..

Hey gotchi,

That's really awful news to get. Smiley Sad I'm really sorry. That's so tough when someone you love has a severe illness and doesn't have long. Especially as you've just received the news which would bring about a lot of difficult emotions.

There's an article here on being there for a sick friend that might help:

Try to look after yourself too and remember to chat to someone and ask for help if you need it.

Take care.

Re: devestated..

hey gotchi, I just wanted to quickly echo what Lex has said and encourage you to give KHL a go - you could call or even make use of their web-chat counseling here:

Grieving is a normal process to go through in this situation and it can help to let it all out to someone like a counselor who is trained to listen and support you one-on-one.

Hope you give them a go, and that we keep seeing you around the forums.

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Re: devestated..

thank you everybody for the help, and i'm really happy to give you all some great news Smiley Very Happy

It turns out the hospital made a mistake, he's not going to die. He told me that his upper half of his skeleton is messed up, but all they need to do is pop it into place. And we're just going just fine, that whole incident just brought us closer i guess :3  Its such a good feeling to know he's not going to die anytime soon, its just like a huge burden has been lifted off me Smiley Very Happy


Re: devestated..

Woohoo! What a relief. That is great news Gotchi!