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don't know how to deal with peopl

when i feel down and depressed, i don't know how to be happy..i listen to let it be by beatles and feels so empty and blue. 

i can't tell my friends about it because they'll get sick of me talking about these negative emotions, where do i go? 

i don't have many friends and i don't have a do i find them? i try to make new friends but it's so hard!

i try my best at my workplace but now my shifts been cut, so I'm on the search for another job again.

c'mon you can do it! i keep telling myself that, but doesn't change the facts and doesn't change my emotions..

Re: don't know how to deal with peopl

Hey Spreadthelove,

I learnt recently that my friends are there for me! You might think they will get sick of these negative emotions and stuff, but if they really care about you they will help in which ever way they can.
I was told yesterday by a friend that she is there for me, no matter what time of night, if I needed her she'd be there to help.
Please give it ago, even if you say that you haven't been feeling so great and would like some help.

Another idea is seeing a GP who can give you some more information and help you out.

it doesn't sound easy and recovery is never easy, from what I've heard, it's a lot of hard work. But you will feel better for it. Please don't ignore what you're feeling, it only makes it harder to reachout and ask someone for help - I've learnt this one this the hard way.

Other members will surely contribute with other advice, but I hope all works out well for you.


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Re: don't know how to deal with peopl

Hey spreadthelove  (great name by the way!)


Bee has a lot of great advice there. I'd also suggest making sure you keep an eye out for the little wins every day. A close friend of mine has talked about similar issues with sharing his problems and I always encourage him to focus on what good things have happened that day. This usually cheers him up enough to improve his perspective a bit, which makes a big difference. Sometimes it's just about seeing that the glass is half full, not half empty.


Friends are good for listening. If you're worried they might get sick of it, just ask them. Keep in mind that friends always want to help, so be sure to let them; if you want them to listen to you, be sure to listen to them, too. Smiley Happy




Have others felt this way before? How did you handle it?

Re: don't know how to deal with peopl

Thank you both! I'll look on the bright side of things! Smiley Happy