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Re: fights i guess

Hi @Bee i would love to but im scared to because i can never keep calm soo
yeah (and thatnks i made it up when i was 7)

Re: fights i guess

I really want to do that but 1 I can never keep calm and 2 I hate talking about my feelings so it]ts really hard for me to do that, and can you please link some of the resources for me please thank you Heart


Re: fights i guess

@wolvesrunfree that is okay, so impressed as your self-awareness! Smiley Happy

Here are some resources for you Smiley Happy


conflict with family

Managing Family Conflicts - GR


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Re: fights i guess

@wolvesrunfree definitely agree with @Bee - there's a lot of self-awareness coming through there! Learning to stay calm in a tense situation is a really tricky skill to learn Heart

One thing that helped me a lot as a teenager was to write letters/Facebook messages to my mum. I struggled (and still sometimes do) with expressing my feelings in person, so writing was a way around that. It also gave me time to choose my words properly so I didn't accidentally say something I didn't mean. Do you reckon that might be helpful here?
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Re: fights i guess

thank you^^

Re: fights i guess

yeah it kind of did ^^i might try some something like this thx