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friend who is addicted to prescription drugs

hi guys, i have a friend who is addicted to a pharmacuetical tablet and has been for over 10years and can take [well over the recommended limit in] a week, she knows she has a problem and wants to get help but is really scared of the withdrawel syptoms as she already gets them if she doesnt have [the drug] for 2-3days. Im unsure on how to help and also where and how to get help. when she takes them she gets a little bit of a buzz like she can do housework or something but not like off your head buzz. her problem is well known through out family but not to the extent i know and a couple of other close people she can trust. if she cant get the tablets or cant afford them she will find a way. and we are shocked that she has no medical problems because of this, but im worried it wont be long. Has any one got any advice or stories/experiances? i would really love to listen.


Thank you.

Re: friend who is addicted to prescription drugs

Hey k_lee


Thanks for coming onboard the forums and trying to find some extra support for your friend. I have to edit your post because  posting specific drug or medication names or the quantity on the forums may be triggering for others. (Please see the community guidelines point 1 Smiley Happy 


Regarding your friend, it is great that you want to find some extra support for your friend.


I understand withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant, but there are treatments that helps a person slowly come off a drug with minimal symptoms. A psychologist is trained to form such a treatment for your friend. One way of locating a psychologist is go to your friend's GP to get a referral. 


In the meantime, I have found a Family Drug Helpline website and they have provided a number you could trying calling (1300 660 068). Maybe they could provide some advice on the situation. 


Also remember to look after your self too. Sometimes we spend some much time looking out for others we forget ourselves. 


Let us know how you went Smiley Happy



Re: friend who is addicted to prescription drugs

Hey k lee


That sounds like a really scary situation to be in - it's hard to be on the outside watching when someone is doing something that is dangerous for them, and not knowing what to do. You obviously care a lot about your friend, and she's lucky to have you Smiley Happy


Drug dependence or addiction can obviously cause a lot of damage, both physically and psychologically, and to both the person using the drug and the people around them. You're right in thinking that your friend would benefit from getting some help. A great place to start would be DrugInfo - the nation-wide drug and alcohol information service. You can call them on 1300 85 85 84 or send an email through their site here. They can help you work out the best way to approach your friend and refer you/her on to whatever services are local and appropriate.


There's also a great factsheet here about when someone close to you has a drug problem. There's sections on how to talk to them about it, how to look after yourself while being concerned for them, and where you can go for further help. It's definitely worth a read.


Hang in there - it's a hard situation to be in, but it's dedicated friends like you that can help your friend get through this.


Does anyone else have any experiences of helping out friends with drug problems?


Re: friend who is addicted to prescription drugs

I can't offer you any advice since they have censored out the names of the medication, I don't know what she is doing and how serious it is! Get professional adviceis my advice!