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fuck sake

What I hoped wouldn’t happen, and thought was sorted, happened and it’s bad

its bad

my brother was involved in a fight and caught making threats to numerous people not just other people involved but people trying to fix it all 

and I got the phone calls all afternoon 

jesus christ

after evertthibg I try and do for this kid he pulls this shit seriously 


Re: fuck sake

not fucking ideal that’s for sure

Re: fuck sake

That sounds like quite an intense day @Saltwaterdreamtime. Is everybody involved unharmed?


Have you been able to take some time for yourself since it all happened today at all?

Re: fuck sake

Kind of
And Not yet @Definitelynotmitchell 

Re: fuck sake

Don’t have time to do something for myself @Definitelynotmitchell 

Re: fuck sake

Far out

Re: fuck sake

@Saltwaterdreamtime oh my gosh that must be so difficult..

Re: fuck sake

Is everyone currently safe/ the situation somewhat stable right now?

Re: fuck sake

Safe I guess but yeah not great at the moment I haven’t see him since I went to the area to try and diffuse the situation and got threatened and screamed at so left it to the police to deal with @Tiny_leaf 


Re: fuck sake

@Saltwaterdreamtime that was probably a good idea, they'll be trained to deal with stuff like that...

Are you somewhere you'll be safe from any fallout? (if there is any)


I'm sorry that you're having to deal with all this shit...