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Re: fuck sake

Obviously I wanted to help but I tried my hardest and it wasn’t good enough but when the police started stepping in I didn’t want to get into anymore trouble or get hurt 
Yeah I’m just at home I don’t know where he is tonight  @Tiny_leaf 

Re: fuck sake

There's only so much anyone can do I guess.. 

I'm glad that you're safe.

Is there anything else you need to do about it at the moment? If not it might be a good idea to just spent some time on self care or something after everything that's happened.. 

Re: fuck sake

Is it possible to call the non-emergency number for the closest police station?

They might be able to give you some information about what happened after you left, or where he is. 

Is he living with you currently, or in his own place? 


Re: fuck sake

Got an appointment with a new psych tomorrow which I was already really anxious about as I have not been seeing one in a while so today didn’t really help all that so, what am I doing?
putting my headphones in and going to sleep, time to shut out the world out for 8 hours.

SD is out, see you on the flip side.

Re: fuck sake

Goodnight, and I hope it all goes okay, first appointments with someone are so frightening sometimes...