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so I was born a girl and I don't feel like a girl anymore I feel like a boy, a girl and non-binary. but I know my mum won't accept me. I know that two of my friends accept me for the way I am. i am also a panromantic and my mum doesn't believe in more than 2 genders 


please help.

Re: gender

Hey @iexist welcome to RO
This certainly sounds very challening to feel like your mum won't accept you for the way you are.
I want to tell you that we accept you for who you are! <3

I'm not sure how to help but the people at Qlife (Ph:1800 184 527) would probably be the best people to speak to around gender and sexuality Smiley Happy


We also have some resources which might be helpful: Understanding your sexualityLGBTQI Support Services

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Ps. I have moved your post to Getting Help as it's a more appropriate place

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: gender

hi @iexist thanks for posting about this , must be really painful to not feel accepted by your mum. 

@Bee's suggestion to connect with Q life is a good one! They have professionals who will try to understand what you're experiencing, and will accept you as you are. 


We also have some stories, and information here about gender including this on feeling like you're more than one gender, and this list of other services you could connect with.


How are you doing today?

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Re: gender

Heya @iexist Smiley Happy

The others have posted some awesome resources so I'll let you have a read through them before bombarding you with any more Smiley Tongue Please know that we absolutely accept you for who you are on RO, and we have other members who've been through similar situations Heart

Here for you Heart
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Re: gender

its real great that your finding who you are, but while most people do i don't necessarily see the purpose of letting your parents know your sexual or gender orientation. i found out i was bisexual in about grade 11 and i still haven't let my parents know (its been about 5 years). i believe that they love me for who i am and they don't need to know who i sleep with (i'm sure they probably don't what to know).

anyway... your parents will love you for the person you are not the people you see. boy or girl strait or queer you are not just your orientation, you are so much more.

definitely checkout the resources these other guys have provided and try to stay positive and true to yourself