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giving up on life right now

started to self harm again I couldent sleep last night I haven't been eating I feeling like my depressions getting worse the reason I am feeling this way is because of drama at home ive just had enough of being emotional abused and I have also been physicaly abused I have also felt neglected by my dad he has also thrown insult at me . I had told the police about the physical abuse but they dident think anything of it I am now planning to move out think that it would be good for me I have gotten in contact with someone named ellie. her and her mum are talking to a cop that lives near them scared what my parents will do I don't feel safe at home my boyfriend and my friend Jason along with Jason's mum Kate think it would be a good idea I don't want to move to far away from Jason as I am helping throw his depression and anxiety as well so yeah just wanting to get information on the moving out of the house and going to centerlink for them to pout me in a house 

Re: giving up on life right now

Hey @dragon3 


It sounds like you're going through a lot right now Smiley Sad. Thank you for sharing with us, it was very brave of you. It must be hard dealing with all of that while also trying to support your boyfriend Jason, and trying to sort out a new place to live. You mentioned you are self-harming again which is tough. Are you receiving any professional support at the moment? It's good that you have reached out for support by posting on here Heart. We are here to listen and support you where we can. It's also good that you have contacted the police regarding verbal/ physical abuse. You've taken the right steps.  It's nice that Jason, Kate, Ellie, and Ellie's mum, are supportive of you. It always helps to have a shoulder to lean on. 

Also, just so you know I edited out some for your post around self-harming because it was a bit too detailed (and therefore potentially triggering for users), which goes against our guidelines which can be found here

If you ever are in need of counselling, please see our help page here. You can call Kids Helpline for example, they operate 24/7. 


Re: giving up on life right now

the police did not doing anything about the matter and I am planning on moving out and moving in with my friends family but they live 6 hours away so that means I wont be able to go to school for a while until I I am able to go to center link and get something done I am only planning on stay for a week maybe less it is getting tough that's why I am choosing to move out even tho I don't want to leave Aaron my boyfriend and Jason my little brother by heart behind cause they both need me especially Jason so upsetting but I need to focus on myself right now and getting back on track with my mindset and mental health 

Re: giving up on life right now

Hey @dragon3 Smiley Happy


Thanks for sharing what's going on for you right now. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate at the moment, and I'm sorry that things are tough right now. I think it's great that you want to focus on yourself right now as well as helping those close to you. It's really important that we take care of ourselves too. Are you getting any professional support at the moment to help with things? 

Re: giving up on life right now

Hi @dragon3! I'm so sorry about your situation. Smiley Sad It sounds like you're going through a lot. It must be so difficult.

Do you have the support of any neighbours? Maybe you could also make a plan about what to do if the abuse gets too much. It could include helplines you can call, coping strategies, who you can talk to, steps to make yourself safe and what to do if you need to leave the house in an emergency.

Re: giving up on life right now

hi @dragon3
it sounds really tough for you. how are you going today? are things any better?
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**