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i-CBT and Psychoeducation for ADHD in Adults.

I diagnosed with ADHD 2 years ago. I used stimulant medication, and after experiencing adverse side effects, I'm currently using (edited) and seeing a Psychiatrist regularly.
I'd like to help myself more with psychoeducation and i-CBT. There are very well documented available resources for Anxiety and Depression, but not ADHD.I loved following courses from ThisWayUp and MoodGym.

Is there any online course or self-help program for adults with ADHD? I couldn't find anything relevant from my Google search. 

Thank you,

Re: i-CBT and Psychoeducation for ADHD in Adults.

Hi @canb thank you for sharing your experience, hopefully some of our members will have some helpful advice for you soon Robot Happy


Just a quick note, due to our guidelines, I did edit out the details of the medication your taking. For more info please view our guidelines here.

Re: i-CBT and Psychoeducation for ADHD in Adults.

Hi @canb, I am new to this forum, thank you for sharing your experience with ADHD. I'm glad that I found someone in the same situation as mine. I am also diagnosed with ADHD and I'm confused if I should take medicine or not.
Thank you.

Re: i-CBT and Psychoeducation for ADHD in Adults.

I read a lot about cognitive and behavioural therapy as a treatment for adults with ADHD. Other say that it's effective in controlling the impulsive behaviour. I think it is very helpful and I might try it to overcome my ADHD.

Re: i-CBT and Psychoeducation for ADHD in Adults.

hi @JOBGratima , welcome to our ReachOut Forum, feel free to jump over here to say and introduce yourself if you'd like Smiley Happy 

Thank you for sharing with us - ADHD can be really challenging thing to live with - so glad to hear you've found a treatment that's helpful for you!!


We have a lot of people with different experiences on the forum, and it can be really helpful to hear from others and receive support. 
If you want to start your own thread to talk about something that's happening in your life (good or bad or in between!), head over here or here


(i've edited out the link in your post to keep with our guidelines). Looking forward to seeing you around the forum! 


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