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i feel like giving up

Hi guys
I really don't know wat to do anymore, my life sucks and I hate living and don't want to anymore. I find it really hard to talk to ppl about what's going on as I'm scared. My minds a mess and don't know wat to do. Ppl r always telling me things will get better and to Hang in there but I don't think I can for much longer, things r just getting worse each and everyday

Re: i feel like giving up

Ps , but I wanna Han in there for my baby sister

Re: i feel like giving up

Hey @adidas-nike


Welcome to ReachOut. 


Sorry to hear that you're feeling scared at the moment. That's definitely not a great feeling to have when you've got a lot going on. 


Although you feel frightened about telling people and that their advice may not be the best, you can certainly talk to us. We're all ears Smiley Happy 


It also sounds like you're close to your sister. Have you reached out to her for support? 

Stay excellent

Re: i feel like giving up

Hey @adidas-nike


How're you feeling today? 

Stay excellent

Re: i feel like giving up

hey a_ n,,,,,

i hear what your saying and i have been there sooo many times. it can feel like you want to jump out of your body and just hide away.

i dont know your difficulties or situation so i will keep this short and simple.

when i get the feeling of giving up i also think of others close to me,,,,i really respect you for thinking of your little sister.

you would be very important in her life and in the life of all who know you. i have found that sometimes people find it difficult to express their thoughts and feelings especially to someone whos struggling,,but that doesnt mean their not thinking of you or dont love you.

at times like this i try to shift my focus on what im good at or the little things that i do enjoy,,,,sometimes its as simple as having some chocolate or a nice snack and vegging out infront of the tele,just taking time out and calming myself down with some positive thoughts,,,these days i have learnt to push on. i just have a routine of doing exercise and keeping busy by doing any job i can think of, this just makes me feel better and my depression seams to fade away a bit. doing positive shit really helps rather than staying stuck in misery.

i also find it very difficult to be around people i dont know and talk but i have learnt to be open with a few people close to me so that really helps. maybe you have a friend or cousin or someone you trust to open up to.

well, there is always this place which is pretty kool. no one knows you here and you can say it how it is.'

anyway,,,not knowing more about you i will send you my best wishes,    and say reachout for help. there are some good organizations out there that could offer you support.\..hope to hear more from you.


Re: i feel like giving up

@Myvo I'm not doin much better today
@jolly roger thank u so very much for all ur kind words and support and for giving me same ideas on what to do, I don't know you but u seem like an amazing person

I've also decided to share a bit of my story so hear we go
It all began in my first year of high school (yr 7) now I'm in yr 9, There were these boys that would always pick on me and call me names, in year 8 things hit rock bottom and got really difficult were they began telling me to go kill myself and how no one would even care, then towards the end of year 8 start of year 9 the boys also got there mates which same were girls and they were always harnessing me calling me names,telling me to go neck myself, bashing me and things like that. It was then when I started smoking weed, cigarettes drinking and became uncontrollable, cops getting called, suspensions,detentions the list just goes on. I then started getting bullied for all that and lately been feeling like the only way to get out of this is to end it, idk wat to do and I believe that its my 2 year old sister that's keeping me hear, I don't wont her to see me go but I think that ain't gonna last long

Re: i feel like giving up

Hey @adidas-nike. I'm really glad you reached out here and shared your story with us, especially given that you find it hard to talk to people. Do you find it's a bit easier to talk about difficult things when it's online? There are actually counselling services that can all be done via webchat a bit similar to this forum. Is that something you'd be willing to try?


I know that people mean well when they say "hang in there, it will get better" but it doesn't really offer much direction on how to make things better, right? One of the things that can help is to talk to a professional counsellor, like through the webchat link above or your school counsellor. They will be able to help you sort through the "mess" in your head and help you through the things that cause you stress. Another thing that can help is finding an activity that makes you feel better when life is really hitting hard. That might be somethig physical (going for a run, kicking the footy, wailing on a punching bag); something creative (playing an instrument, drawing, writing poetry); or something soothing (taking a hot shower/bath, meditating, listening to your favourite album). Can you think of one thing from that list, or one of your own, that you will try this week?

Re: i feel like giving up

hey a_n,,

glad you decided to tell a bit of your story. man,,,,sorry your going through all this crap. do your parents know what your going through, are they supportive at all....

ive just read your post now but cant properly reply cause im going out. i just wanted to acknowledge your post and i will reply you tonight. full respect for sharing...

Re: i feel like giving up

hey a_n ,,,hope ur doing ok. man im so angry with what you have been put through. i can understand why you turned to alcohol and weed , you dont know what to do, anything you think of sounds tricky and could backfire on you and your cautious of making it worse, so you feel stuck. i found that drugs and alcohol just made me more isolated,  i just hope you can get a plan together so you dont have to trash yourself because of someone elses actions..

man, i think its time perhaps for you to start being kind to yourself. try and think who you have you can talk to and get support....have you spoken to your parents,,..i know talking is one thing but being able to get support is what could make a difference. getting people on board so you dont feel alone with this.. if you have a problem with grog and weed perhaps you may consider starting to get help with that and then also bring up the bullying. you gotta start somewhere.

i found the bullies left in year 11,,,and i cruised thru 11 and 12.

anyway, you can try kids help line for some advice 1800 55 1800. It's a free call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

also eheadspace also offers online chat or email support services for young people and their families. If you prefer you can phone them on 1800 650 890; a free call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, i cut and pasted that from

 you know what,,,join a gym, or start learning martial arts,,,,not to learn to beat people up but it will give you confidence and you just may make some new friends. it cant hurt. you can get alot of shit out in the gym.

ill be thinking of you,,,,


Re: i feel like giving up

@ElleBelle I think I might try activities such as listening to music or playing a sport.

Jollyroger and my mu doesn't know wats going on, she just wouldn't get it and would help at all (our relationship is really bad). And thank you for all ur support