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Re: i feel like giving up

Jolly roger I just got that msg as I sent mine, yea alchoal and weed seems like the only option and my only way out. It probably wont do me much good I the long run but at the moment it seems my only escape.
I might try goin to the gym. I dont think ill be able to talk to my mum as we hardly ever talk we live in the same house but we defiently give each other our space and I really do hope the bulling stops before its too laye

Re: i feel like giving up

Ps ill have a look at them websites too

Re: i feel like giving up

Hey @adidas-nike,

Good on you for reaching out for support, it is brave!

If you don't think your mum's the best person to talk to right now, is there another person in your life you think you could talk to? A family member, or a teacher you like? Of course, we're always here to talk to, but sometimes it's nice to be able to talk to someone face to face. Smiley Happy

Good luck!




Re: i feel like giving up

@blithe there probably not any family member to talk to but ill mate try a school teach

Re: i feel like giving up

hey a-n , great to hear from you on here. i went out today to handle some issues which ive been putting off for ages. just got home and i feel a huge relief. yipikai yehhhhhh.......

yesterday, i really struggled to just get out of bed ,,,,really didnt want to face the day, but hey,,,i guess its just habit now,,whether i feel like it or not i just get up, like robot mode.....

in the past,,like 4 years ago, i   had heaps of dealings with headspace, its support for young people and includes all aspects of young peoples lives,like problems and struggles etc depression anxiety pretty much everything . they were really kool to talk to and the one up my way had a drop in centre.

they also had computers to use and a social worker if needed. give it thought,,,,,,,,its real casual and offer all kinds of advice.

from what i remember they keep shit pretty private also if your having dramas with your mum etc.

anyway,,,,im stuffed,,,,,,,,,great to see you on an adidas fan......

Re: i feel like giving up

@jolly roger, I hope everything's okay and good job for going out and getting that stuff handled
I know wat u mean by the struggle of getting out of bed, its me everyday when I have to go to school ill do everything to try to not go but it never works my mum forces me, she just don't get it, every morning a stuggly and a hasle for me getting outta bed and getting ready.
Hope ur okay and things get better, u sound like a truly amazing person that will do good things both now and when it older
And also ill might check out headspace

Re: i feel like giving up

Is there one thing in particular that makes your dread going to school @adidas-nike? Maybe be could workshop a few ways to make it better so you don't stress about it so much.


It's great that you're going to check out Headspace. You can find your nearest center here. Let us know how you go!

Re: i feel like giving up

hey a-n,,thanks heaps for the kind words, means a lot to me. check shit out,,theres nothing to loose.
again, thanks heaps for your support.

Re: i feel like giving up

@ElleBelle the reason I hate goin to school is ecaise I always get bullied and I don't feel safe there. I'll have a look at head space too

Jolly roger. Thank u heaps for the support ir giving me too. And ill have a look that. Thank u so very much ur such a kind hearted person. Thanks for all ur support.
I hope things were better for u today

Re: i feel like giving up

Hey @adidas-nike, I'm so sorry to hear you've been getting bullied and don't feel safe at school. Have you talked to a teacher about what's been happening? School is a place you should definitely feel safe and you don't have to put up with bullies. 


Reach Out also has a whole fact sheet on bullying, which not only talks about the types of bullies and the effects it can have, but it also has a lot of really helpful info on how you can put a stop to bullying. Take a look when you have a chance and let us know if you have any questions.