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Re: i feel like giving up

hey a-n,,,

thanks for the kind words, its always nice to know someone cares.

had a couple of really busy days organizing things i had neglected. i am almost up to date.

hope you ok and keeping well.

past 2 days have been good for me , others around me were ok so nothing really bought me down. i took advantage of the peace to do a shit load of jobs which always gives me a feel good. i hate getting bogged down with stuff.

i wish you well in dealing with your probs, im really hoping you will find some support for your way forward.

have a good weekend.


Re: i feel like giving up

Hey @adidas-nike,


Are you safe at the moment? Has something been going on that's made you feel this way?


If you ever think your feeling pretty down, I urge you to call Lifeline for a chat on 13 11 14. 


It's nice to know that you have people in your life who are there to support you, and we are here for you too. 



Re: i feel like giving up

I think first thing you need to find out what is lacking in your life?? Once we know that we can fulfill ourself with those things. 

Re: i feel like giving up

Thanks buddy..I appreciate you care in this society where no one cares. I m going to through hard time but everyone is there to see it like a joke. They enjoy watching me struggle rather then helping me in any way. It is very disappointed.  Last 10 years I had worst experience of my life.  It is not just God we need help from people as well. So it will be good if you keep in touch with me.



Re: i feel like giving up


I was in a similar situation where my sister was the only thing keeping me here. When you are extremely depressed and being mistreated by others and can be hard to break the cycle of depression. There are exercises you can try to counteract anxieties and depressive thoughts.

1. Emotional Monitoring
Throughout your day think out how you are feeling and identify how you feel on a scale of 1-10. 1 being calm or even happy to 10 being panic attacks and extremely depressed. After you identify how you are feeling, ask yourself why you are feeling this way and counteract your feelings with an appropriate activity. Eg. At 5 ( feeling anxious, mild depressive thoughts) counteract your feeling by taking a walk and focusing only on the things you can hear or smell or see. Eg. At 10 (panic attacks, extremely negative/depressive thoughts) tell someone immediately about how you feel - if in a overwhelming situation rove yourself immediately - use breathing exercises and/or distraction exercises.

2. Distraction exercises
After you identify how you are feeling you can counteract negative feeling with distraction exercises. A good distraction exercise is when you try to list 5 things you can hear or see or touch. You can extend this exercise by describing in detail the things you can see and/or facts you know about what you see or hear - (trains, birds, butterflies, cars). This exercise distracts you from your situation and enables you to calm down a bit which will make dealing with your situation easier.

3. Reasoning
Sometimes depressive and anxious thoughts you may have about a situation may be completely different to the reality of the situation. Eg. Thinking your friend hates you if they say they are not able to hang out with you eg. Thinking your boss is going to fire you if they say you can go home early
When you have depression these thoughts happen without you realising they are most likely exaggeration or untrue. It is hard to counteract these thoughts and stop these thoughts when you are extremely depressed but I find after calming yourself down after a depressive thought or a panic attack reasoning can help you understand what happened and prevent it from happening again. For eg. After a panic attack about your friend hating you because they were not able to hang out - ask yourself - why did my feelings escalate? Do I know that person actually hates me?

There are many exercises available to help you manage depression - beyond blue has great exercises which I recommend. At first it is hard to use these exercises but persist and you feel get better.

Re: i feel like giving up

Hey @reachme,


How have you been going lately? We are all here to support you,



Re: i feel like giving up

I am ok. Still not happy with everything. It will take time and your support.

Re: i feel like giving up

Hey @reachme glad to hear you're okay. Smiley Happy Have you tried any of the strategies suggested?

Re: i feel like giving up

Which strategies ??

Re: i feel like giving up

Hey @reachme, I think the strategies in question are the ones suggested by @Mel93, have you had a look at those?


Also, have you checked out Reachout Next Step? This is a great place to help you get started with the assistance you need.