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Re: i feel like giving up

Hey haven't been on here in a while but thing are getting worse and worse, these last few weeks have definitely been the hardest ones of them all. I have been talking to a really close mate about what's goin on and its kinda helping but I still have them thoughts now and again

Re: i feel like giving up

Hey @adidas-nike,


Welcome back to the forums. Feel free to begin another thread if you'd like to.


What's happening in your life at the moment? Have you got some coping strategies?


I'm really glad to hear that you have found support in a close mate, have you got any other support at the moment?



Re: i feel like giving up

Sorry things have been feeling worse for you @adidas-nike. That's definitely not a nice feeling, and especially when you have begun opening up to your friend. Even with the best strategies it can take time to get better but it is important to keep trying. Have you reached out for any professional help in this time? Things can definitely get better with support from a few sources.