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Re: i feel so stupid for this

Wow, that's terrible to hear the mean comments he and his girlfriend made about you @blobby Smiley Sad. No wonder you want to change schools, right?

I'm not sure what other advice I can offer you... it sounds like you're in a really tough situation. Sending virtual hugs of support <3.

How are you going today?
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Re: i feel so stupid for this

hey @Esperanza67 thanks for the support.

I'm not doing too bad today. It's been a bit of a miserable, my friend passed away 3 years ago today and it's been a bit difficult. I miss her a lot.

None of my friends were at school because they were at some decathlon thing. 

i'm a bit chockas over the next couple of days, so i probably won't be on for a while. 

talk soon, 


Re: i feel so stupid for this

Hi @blobby,


@Esperanza67 and others have given such great support.

I hope you don't mind but I just thought I would chime in to say I wanted send you good thoughts for your really difficult day.


I hope you take care of yourself while you're busy and look forward to hearing from you when you next feel like coming back to RO xxx

Re: i feel so stupid for this

wow! nearly a year since i made this post. thank you all so much for your help last year. 

i have a few updates!

1. i moved school and i love it more than words can say. it's not a drag, it doesn't make me upset, and i love my friends so much!

2. i asked him to take me to my year 10 formal, so he came with me (as friends). we actually had a really good time and made sure that i didn't go too wild hehe

3. i was in another show in arch and he booked tickets to come and see it, but it got cancelled because of the virus so he couldn't come. 

4. he then turns up at my house during the holidays with A PRESENT. yep. you read that correctly. A PRESENT with a chocolate bunny and eggs and chocolate carrots galore. and not the garbage stuff either. cadbury and lidnt. wth?!

5. haven't spoken to his gf since i left the school. that's some unrequired baggage dropped at the gate Smiley Happy

i'm doing pretty good, which is a huge change to a year ago. 

i'm just not liking being in quarantine all that much. i'm missing my friends and my show Smiley Sad



Re: i feel so stupid for this

Hey @blobby Cat Happy

Thanks for checking back in here, its always interesting to read about where we were a year ago. Often times we have made more progress than we realise! It sounds like there has been some really positive changes in your life. Moving schools seems to have made a big difference to how your feeling, and maybe leaving all that baggage at the gate when you left school was a healthy thing for you to do Smiley Happy


Its good to hear your friend is treating you well and you feel valued by him. Has he stopped making mean comments about you?


Isolation times certainly are tough, hopefully its not too long before you can see your friends again, do you keep in touch online? Perhaps you need a group video call or something fun like that!

Re: i feel so stupid for this

thanks for replying @TOM-RO it's amazing to feel good in my school environment. i haven't felt like that in a long time!

i don't think we're really on those terms anymore. we're really happy to see eachother when we get to. 

i did get to see my friends today, we started back at school, so that was so good to see everybody!


Re: i feel so stupid for this

@blobby  it's great to hear that you were able to see your friends today, how was your first day back? Are you going back full time now, or doing a mix of online and at-home learning? 


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Re: i feel so stupid for this

hey @Janine-RO 

it was so good to see everyone today!

i'm in my final two years of school, so we're back full time so we can focus on our studies. 

thank goodness that's the way it is, because i know a lot of other people are still doing either 1 or 2 days a week of online learning. i hated it!


Re: i feel so stupid for this

Hello @blobby, I am glad to hear that you are happy to be back at school full-time! Based on what I have heard, it can be hard for some students to stay motivated and keep on top of school work whilst learning online. I hope that you have been able to spend some time with your friends and classmates! It must be good to see them again Smiley Happy