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i need help on losing

hi. im a 15 year old female girl and i need to lose at least *** in one month. i am *kgs right now and 160cm. is there any healthy ways that this can happen? also, i dont really exercise so i would like recommendations of diets and such. also, do i need to burn more calories than i eat? like cause i calculated that i need 1400 calories (approx) to keep my current weight and i burn 1000 calories a day (approx) by doing nothing. i hope that helps. thank you 

Re: i need help on losing

Hi there @lmrxocmb!


May I ask the reason why you feel you need to lose weight, and especially lose it quickly?


In general, a 15 year old girl who is 160cm and 55kg is at a healthy weight, and shouldn't be aiming to lose much more than that. If you aren't feeling the happiest about your body, perhaps some self love and care could be beneficial--and this can include things like different forms of exercise than just sports or gym (which will tone your body and improve fitness and strength!).


I hope you're in a good frame of mind, and remember it is health that matters and not a number on a scale. 

Re: i need help on losing

hi. thank you for the concern. i forgot to write that i needed to lose weight because i have a formal coming up and the dress that i ordered is not fitting me...


Re: i need help on losing

I'm super glad that you're not worried about your weight under normal circumstances! Smiley Happy


However, losing 5kg in a month is very unlikely, I doubt there is any safe way to accomplish this. I'm sorry that's probably not the answer you want to hear, but I do know personally how difficult it is to lose weight as I'm on a bit of a journey myself! And I can tell you--even just hitting 1kg a week consistently is hard work and I am much heavier than you are (meaning I lose weight easier). To sort of give you an idea of the biology behind it, although metabolism is pretty complicated it's generally accepted that you need to be in deficit 37,000kj (8800 calories). So it's a huge undertaking to lose 1kg a week (and you're aiming a bit higher than that!), and the smaller you are the more difficult it is.


It's probably best to explore other options--can this dress be returned for any credit? Can it be tailored to fit you? Are you able to buy another dress if you can't wear this one (are there any time or money constraints)?


Hopefully other forum goers can help out!



Re: i need help on losing

Hey @lmrxocmb! Hmmm... I'm not any sort of expert on dieting and such, but I doubt there'd be a healthy way to lose that much weight in the specified time frame.

Do you have another dress you could wear to the formal?

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: i need help on losing

Hi @lmrxocmb I'm really glad to hear you're not trying to lose weight for unhealthy reasons as well! Formal is an awesome time, but I definitely agree with the others in that it wouldn't be the healthiest if you aimed to lose that much weight in a month, and you are at a very healthy weight for you height already Smiley Happy

When I was in year 12, one of my friends had her formal dress let out a little, in order for it to be a better fit, so would that possibly be an option?