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im very annoyed & hurt

hi I really need some advice, 

basically last night was a very annoying night and I really need some advice about it. 

this is probably really stupid and shouldn't be a problem but it is to me.

theres this guy that I really like and we have been talking for about 4 months and he is good friends with my friend that I've known since birth. 

he also calls me beautiful and pretty and hot and all that stuff and he has said to people and hinted at me that he likes me and that makes me think that he is keen you know, because why would you be saying all that to me and others if you weren't. 

basically because he has hinted that he is keen I have been trying for about 2 months to catch up with him and everytimr I would ask him he said maybe, every single time he has been saying maybe. 

I dont know to you but maybe to me means no because if you want to you would say yes you know. 

I was sick of him saying maybe because my biggest pet peeve is people that cant make uo their mind or tell you maybe because they think that they would hurt you if they said no to you. 

so I was like to him last night, "the answer you are giving me of maybe is getting really annoying and if you don't want to catch up please just tell me because I want more with you and I don't talk to guys for the fun of it. 

and he replies with I'm only talking to you for the fun of it 

which really hurts me because cause you cant say that you rate me and think I'm hot and stuff to say that you are only talking to me for fun you know.

so he has been leading me on making me think that he wants more but in reality he is only talking to me for the fun of it and it seem like he doesn't care about my feelings.

but the thing is he is still a good person because he said sorry but I still like him so much and I still want to talk to him and see how things go with him but I want to tell him how I feel but I don't know how you know. 

Like I want to say to him that I think he and stuff still and I still want something more and I want to hang out with him but I don't know what or how to say it. 


Thank you for listening to me xx <3



Re: im very annoyed & hurt

Hi @less123321 thanks for reaching out to us. It sounds like a really frustrating position to be in and I'm sorry to hear that he's lead you on. It's definitely not nice and hurtful to be on the receiving end. You mentioned that you said to him how you feel and that he responded with he's only talking to you for the fun of it. That must have been really hard to hear. I guess what needs to be considered here is if he is worth your time if his only answer is maybe? It's really hard when we like someone and our emotions are involved. In terms of expressing how you feel, I always try to be honest in those conversations. I'm not sure if there's a clear cut answer but I guess it comes down to what you feel comfortable doing. We're here for you Heart