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introduction/ need help

hey anyone who's up and ignoring the fact its around 12am (at least where I am). I don't really know why I am here, I just know I need help. 

I feel weak every time I say/type/write that, but I am learning to accept it as the truth. sometimes shit just happens.

what do you do when you have self-diagnosed yourself and am 90% sure it's true?

Re: introduction/ need help

Good morning @kalidiana I hope you ended up getting some sleep last night?


Asking for help when you need it takes courage and the RO community is here to support you Heart


You say that you've 'self-diagnosed', have you been to see a counsellor or psychologist before?


*Also I just moved your post over to 'getting help' as it sounds like this may be more helpful for you


Re: introduction/ need help

hey! @Erin-RO thanks, I did end up getting sleep. I've seen a counselor before, and I found by the end of it the visits became annoying and it pissed me off more rather then helping.

thanks for moving it for me, see I'm still trying to figure out how to work all this ,I'm not exactly a computer genius. ~_~

Re: introduction/ need help

I'm relatively new to RO as well  @kalidiana so we can learn how to navigate this together!


That's unfortunate about the counselor. Sometimes it can take seeing a couple of different people until you find someone that really clicks with you, so I'd encourage you when you're ready to give it a shot and in the meantime you have the support of RO Smiley Happy

Re: introduction/ need help

Hey @kalidiana Smiley Happy

Sorry to hear about your negative experience with that counsellor, have you thought about seeing a different one? I've also had an experience with a counsellor where I felt angry and upset afterwards but I have also had great experiences where I felt I really connected with them - it can be tricky to find someone who works well with you but totally worth it!

Re: introduction/ need help

Hi @kalidiana, how are you going today?

You are a very strong person to ask for help! Smiley Happy

It is very frustrating when you see a counsellor (or some other professional) and it does not help. Like @Erin-RO and @May_ have already suggested I would really encourage you to try and find another counsel or and see how that goes, as each counsellor is different. Of course, we will always be willing to provide an ear for you as well! Heart

Re: introduction/ need help

thanks for the advice, I am actually seeing another counselor now so ill just have to see how it goes many thanks again <3


Re: introduction/ need help

@kalidiana Thanks so much for the update - I hope it goes well!