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jobless and bored

Hi again,
I came here a few months ago seeking help. The good news is my depression has now been diagnosed and I'm on the road to recovery after starting medication and counselling. It's been almost 4 months and though I'm not studying I am well enough to work. I'm almost broke and have been applying and applying for job after job. Each time I get a rejection letter my self esteem goes down again. I am so bored and have been trying to keep busy - I even took up painting. But not having a job is really getting me down. I know it's just a case of too many applicants etc... I've tried everything, even asking mates and people I know are hiring for a good word.
So what to do? The longer I go without work the more I feel my goals are out of reach.
Not working or studying makes me feel really useless... Why is it so hard to get even a basic job?

Re: jobless and bored

Hey @notsohappymeal 


Glad to have you back and it sounds like there are some positives in your life at the moment and it is amazing that you are getting help and thats a great step forward. I can understand how painful it is looking for jobs and getting rejected and it does take a lot out of you and I remember at one point just quitting and being extremely angry and negative over it so I can understand how difficult it is for you. 


It is good that you are trying to find things to keep you busy, you have the right idea, the biggest thing for me was to not give up, stay positive and as hard as this sounds do not take it personally and the more you are out there looking and being persistant it builds resilience.  A friend of mine has been out of a job for the past year and she was seriously feeling defeated and she has an interview soon which is amazing after I dont know how many applications she did so thats a step and builds hope even if she doesn't get it. So I think you can do it and you seem strong enough to do it as well Smiley Happy 


When I couldn't find a job I started volunteering and going into the community and that stopped my boredom but I actually got hired at the place I used to volunteer and started working there so just getting yourself out there and building skills and connections is so important. 


I hope this helps and you are not alone. 


**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: jobless and bored

Its good character building. Going through a tough phase is what creates the greatest art ever made.


And yeah, volunteering is a great idea. It will look good on your resume too, and might get you some really good references.

Re: jobless and bored

Hey @notsohappymeal 


That's so great that things have improved for you. Well done!!

Trying to find work can be really frustrating and upsetting. The volunteering idea is a great one. Is this something you can afford to do?


Years ago my sister gave me some great advice. She said 'make looking for work, your work.'

What she meant was commit to looking for work the same way you would to a job. Get up early, get dressed, head down to the local job seeking network, work on your resume until it's flawless, write a new cover letter for each application, look at volunteer or intern options, go to group interviews. All that sort of stuff. 

It probably sounds exhausting and over the top but my experience has been that the most debilitating thing about unemployment is all the time sitting around feeling like a job is never going to happen. And this often leads to feeling unmotivated which can then affect how people do in interviews etc.


Are you getting any support in this area? 

Re: jobless and bored

Hey, @notsohappymeal . Great to have you on the forums! I know from personal experience how encouraging it is to feel that you're on the path to recovery. It's wonderful that you're getting the help you need.


I myself have only recently found employment after a long search. I finished uni last year and thought I'd walk straight in to a job. Unfortunately, however, it's just not that easy. For anybody. Not at the best of times and certainly not when there are other issues to contend with. But I'd encourage you to persist. I've just started an internship. It's not paid, but I really, really like it. And I'm sure it'll make the task of obtaining paid work that much easier at a later time. So the suggestion that you consider doing an internship is a good one, I think. As well, I suggest that you consider registering with an agency. They can help you obtain contract work, in particular, which should help when it comes to obtaining permanent work...



Re: jobless and bored

So great to hear that you are on the road the recovery notsohappymeal! We don't always get to hear back from community members as they progress along their help seeking so it's really nice to hear from you! However, it does suck about your current predicament with the job seeking. I can really relate to the dropping confidence with every letter of 'thanks but no thanks'!!! There has been some really great suggestions here though: try volunteering/internship, registering with an agency, maximising the good stuff in your CV etc.... There are some more tips here:

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