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leaving a toxic place

Hi i am new here and im wanting to get help leaving a toxic place

Re: leaving a toxic place

Hey there @Pearl78 and welcome to ReachOut!

Just letting you know that I've moved your post to a new thread so that more people will see it and be able to offer advice Smiley Happy 


I'm sorry to hear you're in this situation, wanting to leave a toxic place can be a difficult decision to make. Are you safe right now? It can be difficult to leave, but sometimes having other people to support you can be a great help. Is there anyone around you who you can talk to about what's going on? 


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!

Re: leaving a toxic place

hi @Pearl78
would you be able to tell us a little bit more about your situation so we could better help you?
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: leaving a toxic place

Hi @Pearl78. I agree with @scared01.
What is it that's hard to leave?
I had a toxic relationship, and I'm slowly working through that issue still. If it's a relationship with a friend, gf/bf, I may be able to help...

Re: leaving a toxic place

I have been with my bf for 10 years we got together when i was 15 


Everything was great until about 2 years ago and thats when it started first it was about my weight then about my spending then it turned into very nasty e.g i wouldnt want to look at the mother of my children and think shes a whale all cause i asked about children... 


I was silly and bought a house with him 


Im now over this toxic cycle of him being nice for like few months then it starts 


I want to move far away as possible but dont have the money im trying to find loans but cause im low income i cant get any and he controls all the money... 

Re: leaving a toxic place

I replied in my original post about my situation

Re: leaving a toxic place

Hey @Pearl78 


Just letting you know that I have removed one of your posts - you seem to have posted the same post twice. 


It sounds like you're in a bit of a tough situation. Some of the comments he has made sound really mean. I'm glad you are reaching out for advice on your situation.


You mentioned you did not have any money to move out. Is it possible to potentially ask a friend or family member for help?

Re: leaving a toxic place

Hey Thanks i didnt know how to do it I have asked no one can i believe banks may help with Domestic Loans so i was gonna call them monday 

Re: leaving a toxic place

Hi @Pearl78 


1800Respect could be a good starting place for info and support if you haven't looked them up before