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life just doesn't feel worth it.

I can't do this anymore I'm so sick of everything. No one loves me and I'm so sick of being alone. I can't remember the last time I felt ok. My life is my fault, I understand this but I've just had enough. Why would you keep going when 90% of your life is miserable.

Sorry for the rant.
Bipolar 1, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety

Re: life just doesn't feel worth it.

I know it's hard to find a way out of this and you probably have sought help before but keep trying. Find groups to discuss your thoughts and feelings. As I found out with my deprssion - other people do have similar problems that you can relate too and gain understanding of through conversations. There are turning points and help out there it's just finding it. I should know - it's taken me 33 years and a suicide attempt to finally seek the help I needed and begin to find peace of mind.
The rants are good - it gets it out of you system. Just find people who can listen and maybe give you direction.
Good luck I hope you can find a way out of this.And remember - don't blame yourself - it's an illness not a self imposed situation

Re: life just doesn't feel worth it.

Hey @mishaps 


It sounds like you are feeling pretty down at the moment. I'm really glad you have come to ReachOut to talk about it. It's a really good first step and I hope that we might be able to offer you some support and links to information that might make you feel a little bit better.


Have you ever seen this page on the RO website? It's all about feeling sad. It's something that I regularly read just to check in on how I'm feeling. It reminds me that sometimes feeling pretty down can be a result of stuff going on in my life and it makes me think about what could be causing my mood to be like this. Can you think of anything going on that is causing you to feel so down?


Some other pages I often re-read are these two about feeling crap and constant sadness. I really like all the stuff on RO cos it helps me to think about what i'm going through, how i'm feeling and what I can do to maybe change it.


How long have you been feelling like this? Have you ever considered chatting to lifelinekids helpline or eheadspace?


Re: life just doesn't feel worth it.

Hey @mishaps !


It feels like you have reached a point where you have no more motaivation to keep going. I can really understand how extausted you must be feeling both pyhsically and emotionally! Its hard to keep postitive again and again when things don't seem to be going how you have wished them too. 


Feeling alone is scary. But, you need to tell yourself that you are not alone. You might not know me, or our reachout community on a personal note, but I can confidently say we care about your well being and happiness ALOT!

Thats already a tonne of people who love you Smiley Happy 


We all make mistakes here, we all have moments when we feel complete crap about how things are going! But, we can't blame our selves for this, you can't balme yourself. You have tried and tried, and that is honestly amazing! You should be happy that you are such a motivated and self-driven person even when the results aren't postitive.


You don't seem to give up and you shouldn't know!

Live for that 10% of happiness you have and surround your day with is as much as possible! From there, hopefully you'll grow and percentage will grow as well! 


I really think you should take a look at this, and work on self-talk, and boosting your confidence!


Also, finding ways to cope with a shitty day, or event!



Do not apologise for any sort of rant, comment, release haha, we are here to listen!




And please let me know how it goes! 


Re: life just doesn't feel worth it.

Hey @mishaps

It sucks that you feel this way and I cant imagine how difficult and overwhelming this pain you feel is. I think you are so strong and I admire that you came on here to seek help. That is a strong 10% of you that wants things to be better.

Everyone here has given some good tips and information and I hope they help you. I just wanted to let you know that I support you and you can get through this. Fight for that 10% Smiley Happy

Take care
**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: life just doesn't feel worth it.



I dont have things you've mentioned but I just know that you are a wonderful and helpful person. 

When you said nobody loves you tells me that you give a lot of love to others and to me that means a lot. That tells me that you are a good person and though people arent appreciative of you yet. I do appreciate you and you are worth a lot.


I you find peace soon.

Re: life just doesn't feel worth it.

@mishaps  You never know what's around the corner! Sometimes it's about bearing the pain and getting through and then it makes sense to you later on.  You sound like a strong individual and I believe you can handle this. 

Secondly, don't get upset about being upset! Allow yourself to be miserable and let it pass.

I hope things start to pick up


Re: life just doesn't feel worth it.

Hey @mishaps 


How has your day been? Have you been feeling different today?

It would be great to hear how things are for you at the moment.


Cat Happy


Re: life just doesn't feel worth it.

Hey guy's, thanks for the replies. I'm doing really well at the moment. I slept with my best friend last night :-) it was awesome. I don't really believe in God but she's an angel. I thought for so long that nice guys finish last. But we don't! keep on keeping on, everything happens for a reason. 20 years of feeling lonely was sooooo worth it :-). To anyone who is having a hard time atm just keep doing the right thing. Look in the mirror every day and tell yourself you're worth it because you are! I thought I would literally die of loneliness. But then life sends me an angel and suddenly I can see the sun :-).

No matter how bad life gets just hold on. You never know when everything will change. Thanks guys, I love you all.

Re: life just doesn't feel worth it.


[sorry Mishaps, no unapproved links. Feel free to post the video inline if you can find a version without that triggering album cover - ElleBelle]