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I was wondering if anyone takes medication for their anxiety etc, is it important that you take it at the EXACT time each day, or is it ok if you let say take one at 7:30am and then maybe the next day at 8am but one day you take it at 10am?


Also I'm fairly new here so I wasn't sure if this is the right forum section 



Re: medication

Hi @keezeik, welcome to ReachOut! Thanks for getting in touch with us and yes, this is a good section to post your thread Smiley Happy. Unfortunately, we cannot give you advice on medications as not only this is a breach of our guidelines here, but also because several of us are not qualified to do so. The best person to reach out regarding this is the doctor who prescribed the medication for you. 


However, in saying that, what we CAN do is support you through any tough times, by providing suggestions on who to reach out to when seeking professional support, etc. 


I'm sorry that I couldn't be more of help to you! 

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Re: medication

Hi @keezeik, welcome to the RO forum! 

This forum is for young people to talk about all things mental health, wellbeing .. and life generally! 

So you've come to the right place to chat about the difficulties that come with experiencing anxiety, and how to cope. 


Have a read of our guidelines over here - we ask that people do not talk about specific medications, and remind everyone that we are not able to give medical advice. 

It's definitely best to talk to the doctor that prescribed you your anxiety medication about when the best time is to take it. They should be able to give you all the information you need. 
You could also speak to any GP or psychiatrist if you're still unsure. 


Let us know how you go! 

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Re: medication

Hey @keezeik welcome to reach out Smiley Happy 


I take similar meds (anti depressants) and it's never been a problem to take them at slightly different times each day! 


Your pharmacist or your doctor might be able to clarify for you if you ask Smiley Happy 

Re: medication

@DruidChild thank you for your advice Smiley Happy @Esperanza67 @gina-RO I'll keep that in mind Smiley Happy 

Re: medication

Hi @keezeik


When I use to meds (it was only once per day) I usually took it in the morning cause I'll forget about it after a while. In the morning, the time varied quite a bit. It would like 9am one day and 12pm the other. Most medication instructions are pretty vague in terms of like take one in the morning and one in the evening. It doesn't really specify a time. 


I haven't heard of a time specific medication yet. You can double check with your doctor. People with mental illnesses generally tend to be forgetful so most wouldn't be able to take their meds at the exact same time as the previous day. 

Re: medication

Thank you ☺️