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more poetry

Poetry is one of the only things keeping me alive. 


Homophobia is pointless.

Hating the love someone has for someone else,

Just so they can feel better about themselves.

Why is it such a problem that two girls kiss?

If you’re not gay, you wouldn’t understand the bliss,

The rush, the thrill, the contentment.

How does my happiness cause your resentment?

What am I doing, other than being me?

So what is it that you see?

You are disgusted by what is different.

You miss the fact that we're magnificent.

Your thoughts only take you so far,

Before you leave others with nasty scars.

Scars for fear and hate.

Just because you’re forcing them to be straight.

When will you stop debating,

And understand my love is encapsulating.




Re: more poetry

@Gray Such an incredibly beautiful poem. Very relevant right now to the pain a lot of people are feeling. Thank you so much for sharing these incredible words.


You mentioned it is one of the few things keeping you alive, are you seeling a counsellor etc and talking about that? Concerned about you - here to listen. Heart

Re: more poetry

I'm seeing a counsellour but we mostly just talk about hobbies and holidays.

Re: more poetry

Do you find that helpful? @Gray


Do you think they know about poetry being one of the few things that keeps you alive? 

Re: more poetry

It sometimes helps, other times it causes me more stress. They know I enjoy writing poetry, but they don't know about the keeping me alive part.

Re: more poetry

Have you thought about sharing that with your counsellor?

WE WANT YOU to tell us what kind of infobuses you'd like to see! Let us know here.

Re: more poetry

Hey @Gray, there's a magazine running a LGBTQIA+ poetry thing, thought you might be interested Smiley Happy

Re: more poetry

Thank you, I might try to enter something Smiley Happy