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my current life issues - an ear or advice needed

hi, this is my first time on this website and i am looking for someone to listen or offer advice. 


here’s a bunch of my life issues at the moment// warning!! this may trigger you so please don’t read further if death or bullying is a sensitive topic for you <3 


It’s been a real crap week. I’m a year 12 student. Last week my family moved houses (moving is hard), my mothers car broke down, we’ve had issues with wifi in the new house, we also had to clean our last house (we were renting it), im currently trying to finish assessments due this week and on top of all that, we found out my nana passed last week. this week ive been trying to settle into the new house, grieve and get school work done. neither of them happened. today i was bullied online for the first time by total strangers. i haha reacted a post on Facebook which apparently gave 3 random strangers the right to personally attack & call me racist slurs. it was a quote that i had reacted to. on top of being bullied and harassed by these people, my mum completely tore my self esteem apart for releasing water into the wash house today (this was a total accident, i had opened the washing machine and water came flooding out, i obviously fixed and cleaned my mess up).


right now im extremely overwhelmed. i’ve never felt so emotionally and mentally drained before. i am fighting off bad thoughts, however i can physically feel my exhaustion and sadness. im hurting. 

Re: my current life issues - an ear or advice needed

Hi @abrokenangel, welcome to the forums.


I'm sorry that your weeks been so terrible..

Any one of those things would be really stressful, it sucks that they all piled up on you like that...


I can't offer much advice right now but I'll be up for a while if you need someone to talk to. 

Re: my current life issues - an ear or advice needed

hi @Tiny_leaf thanks for the offer to listen, i didn’t see this last night sorry! i am doing a bit better today, i think the cyber bullying is what pushed me over the edge yesterday. i could deal with all of it if it didn’t hit me over the course of 2 weeks lol. life is extremely hard right now. trying not to be self destructive and shut down. literally just don’t know how to cope with it i guess. 

Re: my current life issues - an ear or advice needed

Hi @abrokenangel,


I want to second @Tiny_leaf's post- welcome to ReachOut! It takes a lot of strength to come online and post for the first time about what is happening at home. It sounds like you are dealing with a lot of big stressors in your life, and we are so grateful that you have taken this step to reach out to us Heart 


You've mentioned some big stressors; moving house, losing a loved one, study stress and bullying. Given the amount you are holding on your shoulders at the moment, it is completely understandable to feeling flat and I am hearing the pain of all these stressors in your post Heart We are here to lend and ear and offer support too- you are not alone!


You've mentioned that you have been working on trying combat the tough feelings at the moment. What is your support network like at the moment? Do you have a supportive friends, or anyone you can talk to at school?

Re: my current life issues - an ear or advice needed

Hi @Jess1-RO thank you for the response and taking the time to read ❤️ 


I do have supportive friends, however I haven’t opened up to them about how everything has affected me mentally, physically and emotionally.


Theyre not exactly the most knowledgeable about my mental health (I have GAD & Depression) 

I feel like if I stop now to discuss this with my friends and family I will have a break down & not be able carry on. I don’t want to make a big deal over it, I’m kind of in a mindset where I want to ignore it and keep going. 


Ironically, I am dumping all of this onto strangers. Thank you again. 

Re: my current life issues - an ear or advice needed

Hey @abrokenangel 


I'm so glad you found our online community Heart It can be hard to talk about these things with people who don't understand mental health challenges so it's really great that you're here. 


You mentioned feeling like if you stop to discuss what's going on for you that you'll break down. I think a lot of people can relate to that feeling - it's like the moment you start to verbalise your emotions it all comes out like a tidal wave! When that happens for me it actually feels like my body is relieved to unload all the pain and even though it can be hard to feel it all - it can also feel really good to let it out to someone who you feel safe with. 


Have you ever spoken to a counsellor or psychologist during tough times? 

Re: my current life issues - an ear or advice needed

Hi @abrokenangel! I'm sorry you've been having such a tough time lately. Smiley Sad I'm also really sorry that your nana passed away. It sounds like a lot of stressful things are piling up at once. Heart

How are you feeling today? Heart

Re: my current life issues - an ear or advice needed

Hi @Bre-RO I have had a few sessions with a psychologist before, though the therapy wasn’t the type of therapy that helped me best. (CBT)


Thank you for the response! And im sorry for the late reply.

Re: my current life issues - an ear or advice needed

@WheresMySquishy  hi! thank you, it means a lot ❤️ I’m just getting through. trying to keep my life together lol. im in a better place mentally than I was when I posted this. 



Re: my current life issues - an ear or advice needed

@abrokenangel  I'm glad that you're feeling a bit better! Smiley Happy

That's frustrating that the therapy didn't help you that much. Smiley Sad Sometimes, it takes a lot of trial and error to find the right therapy.
Have any other things helped you?