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not so great

i feel so much worse. i just want to be happy, i’m sick of letting depression control me and i can’t stop it. i hate myself so much i hate my appearance i hate the way that i speak i hate my personality. i don’t even know what’s real or not when i look in the mirror. i’m on holiday and i know how hard my parents worked for it. i want to enjoy it and make them happy but i can’t i’m a failure.  i’m a waste of everyone’s time, i’m not worthwhile. i know how much strain i’m putting on my parents i’m so guilty.i feel so hopeless,  i don’t know what to do. i don’t know what i should do.

Re: not so great

Hi @Sammyye

I'm sorry to hear you are feeling so much pain right now Heart I can imagine it must be really hard to be feeling this way when you are travelling with family. Your safety is really important to us and I do have to ask: Are you having thoughts of ending your life and are you able to stay safe today?


I would really encourage to reach out and speak to someone today. ReachOut doesn't offer crisis support, but there are a number of services that do here including online crisis support if you are still out of the country.


What can you do today to stay safe? Do you have any strategies that can help, such as self care?


Thinking of you today Heart


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