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out of patience

I am not even sure this is the right place to start my topic, but regardless it's going to feel significantly better talking about it. 
I'm the average 20 yr old female with high energy and a fast lived lifestyle, i play sport 4-6 times a week, i was a full time university student in the feilds of accident and biological forensics and an aged care worker outside, also full time. I am always go and I like to think my energy is high my spirit is positive my heart is big and my door is always open. However for nearing on 12 months now, I have been victim to a medical condition thats had doctors and specialists puzzled. starting as a suspected bi-wrist sprain, it was soon thought to be carpal tunnel, arthritis, wrist fracture, shoulder injury, neck injury, spinal injury, and even depression. 
Each theory gets removed with proven reasons why its not that. I have been pulled from work, slowed in my phsical ability to do anything i could before, this includes any and all lifting above 5kilos and all general physical activity. I've been told I'm going to have surgery then told i'm not, I've been told its all in my head then told it's not, I've been told to go back to work and forget about it, then told to not.
I am unemployed, far in debt, 100% dependent on my parents who are giving all they can to keep me afloat. Big companies such as telstra wont take 'ineligigble to work and therfore pay a cent for a phone theyve already taken away' as a viable reason to have not paid the plan, therefore a $2000 bill seems fair. 
I am suspected to have rheumatoid arthritis (just like mum), and at the same time, a condition affecting my ligaments that leaves them loose and relaxed allowing my joints to dislocate. 
Nothing is confirmed yet, hasnt been in a long time and I dont know when it will be. Until then, I am so stressed, so scared, so guilty watching every dollar of mums pass straight through me. 
I dont feel that my condition is very important, it's not severe like allot of them can be, it just seems silly and anyone looking at me cannot see the pain i feel in my body trying to fit in with them.
But i have chosen to stand up and push through it, I dont want to sit and wait anymore, I do not care if i never get a diagnosis, I want everything to just go back to work and pay my own way back to university. 
But, where do I start? how do I go back? how do I make the little money I need to get back on my feet before i can go? 
I'm so stressed, I really hope luck falls my way on the day i am finally cleared by the doctor to apply. 

Re: out of patience

Hey @Amberly

You are going through so much right now and I cant even imagine how frustrated you must be, all this time and they dont know what it is. Just from reading this I can tell you are a vibrant and motivated person and that is such a beautiful quality.

Wanting to get your life back is great, have you spoken to your doctor about what jobs you can get that wont affect you physically? There are alot of jobs that dont require you to do much physically, a call centre job is a good option.

I would suggest talking to a counsellor as a first step to figure out what would work for you right now, maybe you could start with Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 or speak to your GP who might help you find a local counsellor, how would you feel about that?

I can understand why you are so stressed right now, maybe you could do something to just take your mind of, do something to take care of yourself and make you happy even for a little bit.

Let us know how you go Smiley Happy Stay strong
**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: out of patience

Hi @Amberly welcome to Reach Out!


I'm sorry to hear that your mystery medical condition is having so many flow-on consequences in your world. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to not know what it is or what you can do, and I hope the doctors will be able to give you some answers soon. I know one of our peeps here, @Bee  has some issues with her wrist, so she might be able to share what has worked for her.

It's interesting that you mention you don't feel your condition is important or is visible to a passer-by, as people say that a lot about mental illness too. Your health, physical and mental, is so important so please don't feel silly for acknowledging this and wanting to get better. It's really admirable that you want to push through, as long as it's not causing you additional stress. There are some good personal stories about how others have learned to manage chronic pain and their attitudes towards dealing with it here that I think you might be able to find some inspiration and comfort in. A common theme in the stories is staying positive - we actually have a nifty forum thread about Turning Negatives Into Positives that is all about looking for the best in bad situations.


Being in debt really sucks and I know lousy it feels to have to rely on your folks for financial support. Reach Out has some info on dealing with debt. Its mostly about credit card debt but there are some links and tips there that might be helpful, like setting up payment plans or talking with Centrelink about disability assistance. Have you discussed payment options with Telstra?



Re: out of patience

Hey @Amberly 

I can sympathise with the unknown pain in your wrist. I've had pain in my right rist for 12months now, and cause is still unknown. I've tried a couple different treatments, anit-inflammatory medicine & physio-therapy. The anti-inflammatories made me sick, and the physio helped me build strength I lost from using a brace, and found a flaw in my writting technique (my wrist curves inward when I write! I can also make my thumb bend down and touch my forearm, which is not


I was diagnosed with tendonitis last year, although after more noticing the pain and what agravates it, my mum and I suspect it might be arthritis. Around the same age I am now, my mum was diagnosed with it, and my uncle had it as a child...


I've found a few different things to help with my wrst pain

  • compression bandage helps support my wrist when I'm doing movements which may aggravate my muscles.
    (you can pick up a tubular comprssion bandage from your local chemist or supermarket may have them. They come in a length of 1metre, just use sharp scissors to cut it to the desired length)
  • Heat packs! At the moment I've found a buckely wheat heat pack with lavender scent in it for my wrist. The lavender helps calm me which in turn helps me forget so much about the pain!
  • Painkillers help when the pain is severe
  • I also try to keep my wrist warm and out of drafts from the air-con, as the cool doesn't help my wrist.

I limit activities which aggravate and cause the pain, which isn't always possible, but I focus on how I'm performing the task. I recomend noticing when the pain is worst and what activities make it feel painful. Try a heap of different remedies and see what works best for you. I followed RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation) prinicpals with my wrist and found Ice was only agravating the pain, so I tried the polar opposite, which is how I found heat works best for me.

My physio also pushed me to really notice WHAT kind of pain it was eg stabbing, tingling, throbbing, ache, etc. It took a while, but I noticed over a few weeks I had different types of pain.. this info and what I said above will help find the right diagnosis, which will put you on the right path of treatment.


That's all I can really offer at the moment, I hope this has helped in some way Smiley Happy

I'm always here to talk if needed Smiley Happy


Ps. @ElleBelle thank you for linking me to this post! Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: out of patience

Thank you very much Smiley Happy

Re: out of patience

It does help allot just knowing you aren't alone, thank you so much I'm very appreciative of everything Smiley Happy

Re: out of patience

Thank you so much for your sharing, it feels just that bit better to know I'm not the only one,
I have recently just gone to the rheumatologist and been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, while that could be taken as horrible news at least they can keep the pain down and I can do what's best for my body while it still works

Re: out of patience

Hey @Amberly
Im sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with something. However you are totally right its good that you can keep the pain down and manage it!
The body is a funny thing... sometimes even if you treat it right you get sick or injured. But the best thing to do is to realise that its the only one you have and to cherish it - no matter what!!

You seem like you have been really mature about all of this.
How are your plans for uni going?

Re: out of patience

Hey @Amberly
I was just thinking about you recently and your wrist and wondered how you got on.
Its great to hear that you found a cause to your pain! Smiley Happy While the diagnosis might not be what you wanted, I'm so glad you've got a positive outlook on it.

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: out of patience

Yeah, im having allot of trouble in all my joints, and failed the physical for the job i applied for, but otherwise im still going strong.