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people struggling with sexuality



i am in search for people who understand and who can advise about people struggling with sexuality.




Re: people struggling with sexuality

Hi @Jollibee,


Welcome to Reach Out! Smiley Happy I moved your post here to 'Getting Help' so you get more support.


Such a brave post, so I want to say good on you for reaching out. Sexuality is a tough thing to be struggling with but you are definitely not alone. It's very common, and I'd even say normal, to question it.


I'm going to tag a few members who may have some more experience with what you're talking about


@N1ghtW1ng @DruidChild @redhead @Cheeseburger


Also, have you heard of QLife? They're pretty awesome at supporting people with this stuff Smiley Happy


- Hayley R/O


Re: people struggling with sexuality

hey @Jollibee thank you for posting! (just jumping in on the convo sorry Smiley Tongue)
it's really hard when you're struggling with your sexuality, it can be beyond confusing and really overwhelming, i know i struggled with my sexuality for a really long time, sometimes i still do honestly. Q-life is an awesome resource, but i'm also happy to chat if you have any questions or want to talk about what's going on for you Smiley Happy 

We had a live chat on Accessing Mental Health Support Online! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart

Re: people struggling with sexuality

Hey @Jollibee,


Welcome Smiley Happy 


Sexuality can be such a confusing thing, it's definitely something I've spent a lot of time questioning and trying to understand about myself. 


Would you like to elaborate a bit more about what's been going on for you?


Re: people struggling with sexuality

hey @Jollibee and welcome!

im another that struggles with theur sexuality, did you want to share whats happening so we can get a better idea on how to help you?
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: people struggling with sexuality

Hey @Jollibee just wanted to check in with you, how are you going with this?


Sexuality is a complicated thing and feeling confused about it is pretty common but can be really overwhelming. As @TOM-RO and @ecla34 mentioned Q Life is a great resource - is it something you would consider looking into?