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personality disorder..

Just been diagnosed with boarderline personality disorder does anyone else have it an how have u managed it its affecting every aspect of my life any help would be grest...

Re: personality disorder..

Hi @anna06 — it's definitely not uncommon; many other members on the forum have similar diagnoses.

There's another thread about this that you might find interesting.

Re: personality disorder..

Hey anna,

I know a fair few people who have a diagnosis of BPD (borderline personality disorder). It was really confronting when they were first told and kind of freaked them out for a while... But then they realized that it was just a label!

There are some really helpful therapies available to help with DBT. A few people I know have had great success with DBT.

Who diagnosed you with it? Are you still seeing them? Make sure you ask them heaps and heaps of questions. That's what they are there for. Smiley Happy

Take care - I hope you can find some things that help you cope soon.


Re: personality disorder..

Hey @anna06 


I just want to congratulate you on seeking help and speaking to a professional to get a diagnosis! Well done Smiley Happy 


And as Lex said, if you take a look around some of the forums I am sure you find someone who is going through a similar thing to you. 


Let us know your progress Smiley Happy