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physically abused (tw)

Ive been in australia for 5yrs, n ive been married for 4 and half yrs. My husband has been mentally abused and physically abusive to me. i realize he is a physopath. atm i am applying my permanent resident and it is under processing now. if i count the timeframe roughly i will get it within prob 6months. The problem is i cannot stay any longer in this toxic relationship but also i dont wanna lose my permanent resident visa as im almost getting it. I dont know what should i do? This is not the 1st time of he is physically abusing. 

Re: physically abused (tw)

Hi @Jessi_jb welcome to ReachOut and thank you for sharing with us. I'm sorry to hear this has happened to you. It is a horrible situation to be in and it takes a lot of courage to reach out for help. If for any reason you feel that you are in immediate danger I would encourage you to contact the police on 000. On the forum unfortunately we aren't able to give any legal advice and I would suggest contacting local services or immigration regarding your permanent resident visa to discuss the situation. I would also recommend contacting 1800 RESPECT for some counselling support. I've had to edit out some words describing the physical abuse as per community guidelines and added a trigger warning (tw) so other users know the content may be triggering for them. We're here to listen and be of support to you and we hope that you are okay Heart

Re: physically abused (tw)

Domestic violence is a silent killer @Jessi_jb. Too many women and some times men are victims of domestic violence. It always starts small or minor but it can turn deadly, fast. You may or may not love him, but honestly I'm here to speak out about your safety. Unfortunately your love comes second to your safety. I just don't want this to become another tragic domestic violence case. I think you know what my suggestion is. 

Re: physically abused (tw)

Hi @Jessi_jb, I'm wondering how you are? 

Did you contact any of the services that @Lan-RO suggested?


Such a complex situation that you are in, and I can see how difficult it is for you to think about your own wellbeing, and your visa / residency. 
Let us know what you decide to do. There are support services out there that can assist you with safety planning, and safe strategies for you whether you choose to leave or stay in the relationship. 

If you can call , 1800RESPECT, (1800 737 732) is a great place to start. 
Otherwise you can try looking online at this service directory here for a local support service near by. 
You can also try contacting your local Lifeline centre, or Family referral centre (google should help you find them)  as they should have specialised support. 

Let us know how you go 

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