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psychologist and psychiatrist

hi everyone Smiley Happy

ive got my first appoitnment with a psychiastrist tomorrow morning and im pretty nervous and not sure what to expect..
what should i expect in my first appointment? were you scared the first time you went?
can everyone share their experiences with me about how they went during your sessions?
im really nervous and any advice is very much welcome



also im about to start seeing a psychologist as well but again im not sure what to expect and any tips would be great and any experiences youve had.


thank you any help is really appreciated

Re: psychologist and psychiatrist

Hey @setmefree these are very normal feelings to have, and I think you're really brave for taking this step to see a psychiatrist Smiley Happy 


Have you seen this recent thread where some members of RO discussed seeing a psychologist for the first time? Do you have any advice that you could share @StarLord @N1ghtW1ng @GG-DD @SmileMonkeySmiley Happy

Re: psychologist and psychiatrist

Hello @setmefree (and welcome!) and @Anonymous,

You two have posted consecutively about the same kind of topic so I thought it would be easier to bring the two convo's into one thread - and this way you can let eachother and all of us know how you go with your appointments.

First of all I think you are both so entitled to feeling a bit nervous - we aren't really given much info growing up about psychiatrists other than they are doctors (and we have an image they are going to get us lying down on a couch in their office to talk...)!

The Getting Help website area (under tough times - here) has two pages that had some really good info around psychiatrists/psychologists (links to all about health professionals and psychiatrists).

Just to remind everyone that we encourage everyone to share their own experiences but be careful not to be trying to provide professional/medical advice etc.

Hope this helps =) Sally

Re: psychologist and psychiatrist

Hey @setmefree,

It can be daunting at first when you start seeing a psychlogist or psychiatrist for the first time. I haven't personally ever seen a psychiatrist but can talk to you about my experiences with psycholgists.

Your first session with a psychologist will basically just be an outline of why you have come to see them, your background, family, work, relationships, etc. Generally they will then go over a brief overview of why you are there, what your presenting problem is and talk about what the psycholgist thinks would be good stategies and techniques they will be using in your sessions. The first session is generally just a get to know you and get to know your psychologist.

Let me know if you have any more questions. It is scary at first, but there is nothing more amazing than leaving a session feeling liberated that you have come to a new understanding of yourself.

WE WANT YOU to tell us what kind of infobuses you'd like to see! Let us know here.

Re: psychologist and psychiatrist

hi there @Autumn23 


thank you for replying i really appreciate it. all this is pretty new to me so its pretty scary.

i havent seen the thread as yet but i will take a look thank you Smiley Happy @Autumn23


Re: psychologist and psychiatrist

 hi @Sally-RO and thank you


that not a problem im very happy to share my thread esp if it helps other people Smiley Happy


yes when i picture both psychologist and psychiatrist thats the image i get. like what you see in movies

t ill have a look at  other information too thank you @Sally-RO


Re: psychologist and psychiatrist

hello @SmileMonkey


yeah its pretty daunting Man Sad


thank you for sharing your experience with your psychologist cause as @Sally-RO said i pictured it as laying on a couch. you dont actually do that do you?


did you find your first psychologist session abit scary at first or did you start to trust your psycholigist from the start as im sure having trust is pretty important factor

Re: psychologist and psychiatrist

Hey @setmefree

No it's not like in the movies, you can sit however you like. I personaly always hug one of the pillows on the couch. I have always gone into psycholigst sessions knowing what I want to work on and have always worked 100% with the psycholgist even when I know it is going to be difficult. There have been many instances I have been in tears with multiple tissues but every session I still leave feeling relieved because there have been things uncovered I didn't even know about myself.

WE WANT YOU to tell us what kind of infobuses you'd like to see! Let us know here.

Re: psychologist and psychiatrist

Hey @setmefree I actually had my first ever psych appointment in January. Mine was about checking things out (and I had my mum there with me) so it wasn't so bad. My psych was really kind and patient.

It can definitely be scary to start with, but that is absolutely something that you can share with whoever you're talking to, because it's okay and they can help you.

Re: psychologist and psychiatrist



oh that doesnt sound very uh pleasant Man Surprised but its probably something that has to be done in certain circumstances