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self confidence


ive never really felt confident in my self

i was at a party last night, it was a Bollywood themed party and people were dancing 

my friends said to me “come and join in dancing!” I wanted to but I’m consistently worried about being judged.last night I realised that I have no confidence in myself.

i don’t like myself

i just want to be happy and normal

idk what to do

how do I gain confidence in myself?

im always worried about what others think of me.

im sick of it.



Re: self confidence

Hey @Jesssister2001, I have sent you an email. I think it can be really hard to build your confidence and it is generally a thing that most people struggle with at some point in their life. It can sometimes be related to bigger things like anxiety or depression. Have you discussed your concerns with anyone? There are articles here on ReachOut about building confidence or you can always chat to a counselor at Kids Helpline Heart As my own personal tip, I just pretend I am confident and try not to worry myself about what others might think. I also ask myself, what is the worst that can happen? Usually it isn't as bad as I think it is!


Re: self confidence

@Jesssister2001 You could have anxiety or depression but not know about it . Just try your hardest please and do not worry what others think because whatever they say they are jealous off you and whatever they say if it is a bad thing just have fun and ignore because i know and have a gut felling that you a beautiful girl and that you will always shine even if it doesn't appear to you. Call, chat or email at YOU GO GIRL CAUSE YOU ARE YOU AND YOU GOT THIS FOREVERHeart


Re: self confidence

Hey there @Jesssister2001, how is today going?

Gaining self-confidence can be tricky, tips and tricks that work for one person might not work for another. ReachOut has an awesome article with some suggestions here. There's also some more articles on confidence here that you might find useful Smiley Happy What do you think?