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thinking to much about my existence

over the Christmas and new year holidays iv'e been thinking a lot about life and why i exist even about what happens after death.i don't have suicidal thoughts and i don't want to self harm i just feel like i'm fading away and i cant do anything about it.its like i'm stuck in my own annoying body.


Re: thinking to much about my existence

Hi @scaredAF welcome to ReachOut. Christmas and New years is such a reflective time of year for everyone. I believe having thoughts about your purpose in life is very normal. Sounds like it's time to make some sort of change.

I suggest hopping onto our 'Hanging out' thread and introducing yourself here. There are lots of wonderful members who can support you and give you space to talk about where your thoughts/feelings are coming from.

Is there anything in your life you enjoy?

I'm signing off the for the night but will be back tomorrow to check in Smiley Happy




Re: thinking to much about my existence

@scaredAFthat doesn't sound fun at all!

I have had those thoughts too and it can be hard to break out of the thought cycles once you start!

I find it's best to just embrace those thoughts and tell yourself that you have no idea why you are here but you must be here for a reason. 

In regards to what happens after death no one really knows! It can be an interesting discussion to have with friends and family members in terms of what they believe in. For example some believe you go to heaven, you also have reincarnation, some people think you just  go back into the earth and that's the end of you, others think you remain as a spirit and haunt people (which sounds like fun) ... the possibilities are endless. At the end of the day you can choose to believe what you want to believe happens after death and its totally ok.

In terms of feeling like you are fading away have you spoken to your friends and family about those feelings? You could also give Kids Helpline a call (1800 792 495) and they could help you talk through them and provide some insight about them too.


Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: thinking to much about my existence

hi and welcome to RO @scaredAF

firstly im glad these arent associated wiht suicidal thoughts or sh. 

questioning your purpose in life is really tricky. its ok to learn about life after death too. actually theres are some pretty interesting things depending on your religion.

i like what the others here have written more and would encourage you to answer what they have written so we can get a better understanding of whats going on for you.

there are alot of people just crusing through the day, not knowing what they want to do or goals etc and that is fine too, im wondering if you have a psychologist that you could explore why these thoughts have come up?


**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**