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ways to cope with voices

Hearing voices can really suck. I wanted to make a thread I different strategies I have heard of or used myself. If you have any feel free to add to the list.

Time management for the voices- this is where you give your voices a specific time when they can talk to you and you give them your full attention and they have to leave you alone for the rest of the time

Listening to musi- this is good if they are really bad and you want to drown them out

Read a book - really engage yourself in what you are reading and the voices may back off

Go for a walk - exercise is always great

Talk to someone - it can help to get it out of your head

Call a help line - it helps to talk things through

Hang out with friends - being around people can help keep the voices quieter

Learn your triggers - figure out what can set off the voices and deal with it at the cause

Converse with your voices - sometimes facing them head on rather than trying to fight them may help

Take your meds - even if your symptoms are getting better don't stop your meds unless directed by your treating team

Feel free to add to this list there are a more strategies that I can't think of right now.
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Re: ways to cope with voices

This is amazing @redhead

Re: ways to cope with voices

@redhead ! This is so awesome! 


I am sending you an email later this week, because i have an idea. Muahahaha.


Something that i have heard works for some people is journaling; writing down what happened, when it happened and things that were happening around the same time. That way you get an idea of triggers, but it can also help you identify times when the voices DON'T show up and what's happening then.


Although your mileage may vary and this is definitely one to do with a clinician (psychologist) involved! 


Seriously this is a freaking sweet post!  





Re: ways to cope with voices

Such an awesome post @redhead!!!


This could help so many people who might be experiencing something similar. Thank you so much for being so brave and caring by posting this.Smiley Happy

Re: ways to cope with voices

@redhead this is suck a great idea for a post! Those tips are really good too!

Guess what day it was!!! It was Wear It Purple Day!! Come on over and learn all about what it is and what you can still do!

Re: ways to cope with voices

Does anyone else here hear voices?

Don't be shy!

We'd love to hear from you!

Re: ways to cope with voices

Do something creative- whether it's painting, colouring, crafts etc. If keeps you busy and you feel like you've accomplished something and it's fun.

As Ben mentioned, journaling - it's really great to get the stuff out of your head

Go to hospital- hospital really sucks, but it can also be needed and really help

Therapy- you can work on your triggers and issues and develop a healthy relationship with your voices
Trying to make my misery
just a piece of my history
A little less victim a little more victory
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Re: ways to cope with voices

Awesome suggestions @redhead! Thanks again for being so open and honest about your experiences coping with voices.

Re: ways to cope with voices

I have a friend who says using her mouth voice helps keep the head voices quiet, so she will chatter and narrate what shes doing so the voices don't have a chance to interrupt.

Re: ways to cope with voices

Hey @redhead thought i would keep the conversation going here instead of TwittRo, if only so i can keep track of it!


Transcendental Meditation and the types of meditation that are like it is a bit different to mindfulness. It's a little weird and not as scientifically backed up.


But there are aspects of it that might be beneficial for you that are different to mindfulness. The biggest difference is that you say or think a word while you practice a meditation session, they call these words Mantra's, although as far as i understand, you could say "purple" or think through a recipe for stir fry and get the same effect Smiley Tongue.


For people who hear voices, this might make a difference that's bigger than the sort of difference mindfulness makes, as at least theoretically engaging your speaking parts of your brain will make it harder for the voices to intrude.  


I actually sent an email to a guy who does a type of transcendental meditation called Vedic meditation to see if he can give us a bit more expert advice and tips for people who hear voices Smiley Happy