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withdrawl from ice??

HI,  I have recently relapsed injecting again after 13 yrs!! But this 13 years was not all.. But no needles.  Im a social but chronic drug user and have used drugs for @20 yrs..The addiction that floors me tho is the needle.  Thought i was over it..  Started smoking ice about 6 mths ago and then injecting 3 mths ago.. Within 2 wks using every day! and a lot.. Because last time I had no profesional help, and now find myself here, I have booked into detox and possibly 12wk rehab.. I have a 3 yr old and obviously dont want to be away from him!  If it means I will actually get clean PROPERLY Ill do anything.. But will it be necessary ? Only 3 mths injecting.?? and how full on withdrawls can be.. Anyone experienced them would appreciate insight... Also if anyone has advice with regards to my son.. How to build a healthy relationship again again having a coming down mummy.. That is all he experienced.. Its enough Iknow.. But just saying he saw no drugs or anything... Any tiops for this would be great.. thanks,,,,

Feeling Guilty


Re: withdrawl from ice??

Hi @kgab


So sorry to hear you've relapsed but it's good to know you've acknowledged the problem so quickly and you're already working towards getting some help.


Everyone is welcome here on, but be a lot of our info is mostly focused towards people in the 14-25 age bracket, so we might be a little short on the right advice for parents of 3-year-olds.


Have you spoken to your GP?


That said, a lot of advice can be pretty universal. HealthDirect might be a good resource for someone in your position who just needs some advice. They're at and can be called on 1800 022 222.

Also the Australian Drug Info Network has a great directory of support services but they vary from state to state so you'll need to enter that info to find the right one for you.


When does your detox programme start?

Re: withdrawl from ice??

Hey @kgab 


It's great that you've recognised you've got a problem and have sought help.

This is a link to the Drug Info Meth page. It tells you all about the long and short term effects as well as what you can expect during the withdrawal period. It also has links to treatment options.


Let us know how you go. Smiley Happy