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work related depression and extreme anxiety

Hi, I was working in real estate for 2 and a half years. It was some thing I wanted to do so I completed my training and had a full time good paying job. The issue was as time went on I realised how bad the environment was and how poor the office was managed. Over time I was belittled, persecuted made feel interior and the list goes on. I was good at my job but the place was making me duck. Everyday you would ho on wondering what was in store for you today. I continously complained to my family and also discussed issues with other work colleagues to no avail. Finally in july 2013 I had a breakdown. I could not return to work. My gp diagnosed me with severe depression and anxiety. My employer dropped me like a hot potato. I received a letter accepting my resignation although I did not resign.. Medication made things worse. It made me feel flat, disorientated and lonely. My gp suggested I put this thru as a worker's comp claim. Well that made things worse. To cut a long story short I am now being persecuted by the employer even worse. She has lied in statements, she has had a computer expert hack my facebook, she has told people not to talk to me, had disvusdions in the office with all her staff about my claim, spread malucious rumors involving family members, coerced her staff into lying on statements and the listt goes on. This is effecting me so much I can't trust anyone, I feel that the only way to resolve thing's is to end iall, I need a break from it all I need it to end. I am now having to defend myself constantly. There seems no end. I have gained 1 7kgs in 4 months even though I dont over eat, never have. I was fit, healthy and confident but now am lonely, sad, feeling unhealthy and fat. I cant see any way out. The insurer offered 3 councelling sessions without prejudice which never eventuated. I have not had any help. She has taken my life away and couldn't care less. We rented a house thru the agent but things became so bad we ended up buying our own and moving out. My claim has still not been accepted nearly 6 months later. I receive no financial assistance no medical help nothing.i am struggling with my life constantly crying. I can't get out of the car and only go where I feel safe. She has people watch me. Shechas people tell her if thry see me out she has rven had someone go into a hairdressers and ask about me when they didnt even know me. She jokes about me in the office. It all comes back to me thru other employees. 3 other people have resigned due to similar issues. 1 other went on stress leave for 2 weeks. I just want it all to stop.

Re: work related depression and extreme anxiety

Wow @punkanickle you seem to be going through alot, sorry to hear that but thank you for sharing your story. It is so unfortunate that people like that exist in this world, bullying of any form or content is unacceptable and horrible. In order to get past this why don't you get a referral from your GP to a psychologist or counselling service? It can be very helpful and will asist you in moving away from this unfortunate period of time in your life. Try taking control of your life, try finding a new job that you will enjoy and get your life back on track. Try incorporating exercise back into your daily routine as you mentioned you were fit before this. I can't imagine it'll be easy by any means to get past this but I believe you can do it. Once you are able to, hopefully your life goes to the way it was before all this occured. 


Stay strong and hope everything turns out well for you 


Re: work related depression and extreme anxiety

Hi  @punkanickle,

Welcome to Reachout! Thank you for sharing your story. I'm so sorry to hear you've been through such a tough time with your former boss and workplace. I'm sure others here will be able to relate to what you've gone through - sadly toxic workplaces like the one you've described are not uncommon!  No-one should have to work in a situation which causes them so much grief and stress.

You're welcome to chat to us here at ReachOut, of course. But if you are wanting to talk to someone or get some counselling, you could call Lifeline 13 11 14, they offer both phone counselling (all hours) and online web chat from 8pm to 4am if you prefer that.

Lifeline Online text chat

You mentioned that your GP had diagnosed you with depression and anxiety. Are they currently helping you to deal with that, or have they referred you to someone else like a counsellor?


Take care,



Re: work related depression and extreme anxiety

Hey @punkanickle 


That sounds absolutely terrible! That kind of behaviour is so not on and Im sorry you had to go through that


We have a fact sheet about workplace bullying which may be of some assistance, also at the end there is the link to the Australian Human Rights Commission ( If you feel up to it, you should follow it up


You could also contact Fair work Australia as they arent allowed to discriminate against mental health issues in regards to them accepting your non existant resignation!


You are so brave to post here and you should be really proud. You are a fighter and you can get through this, posting here and showing you are wanting to seek help are examples of your strength

You said it yourself, you were good at your job before this happened. Dont let toxic people and toxic workplaces win

You are strong and I know that you can take back your life and Im so excited for you to get it back! It may be a hard slog to get there but if you have got through this so far, you can get through these last steps


Let us know how you go and remember to take care of yourself