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Re: [CHAT] #BIWEEK - Awareness, acceptance and visbility!

So what have we learned tonight?


Sexuality is how someone identifies, who they are attracted to and also on what level a person may experience sexuality. It can be fluid, although for some it may remain the same over a lifetime.


It seems more likely as not that people will question their sexuality. This experience is also very different – some people suddenly realise how they identify, while others gradually work towards that understanding. Others are more fluid – but even that can be different, happening gradually or experiencing it as something that changes slightly with each day or week


What most of us have learned is to not be too scared, and that you will eventually come to a more secure and understanding place. Other advice: only you can define your own identity, learn about what it means to be LGBT, don’t push others to come out too soon, and you don’t have to put up with questions that make you uncomfortable. Let go of preconceived ideas about who you should be – nobody can tell you who you are but you


Unfortunately, some stereotypes continue to stick around. Apparently all gay men are feminine and all lesbians are butch, bisexuals need to figure themselves out and asexuals apparently need to stop being so preachy about sex! As for other sexualities, apparently they don’t even exist!


Contrary to what some believe, stereotyping is part of a larger issue that can be dangerous and harmful to LGBT folks. From increased danger of violence to higher rates of mental illness, stereotyping can have harmful effects on the community. However, LGBT people have found humour in these stereotypes and something to bond over. Respect is important, however, and it’s important to see the person first, not their sexuality


What about visibility? Well, there are still some pretty extreme views out there, like people believing homosexuality doesn’t exist at all, or that it is symptomatic of mental illness. Then there are the more common ones about bisexuality being an invalid orientation, or people not even being aware of it since their only understanding is of straight and gay. And of course there are those who identify outside of gay and bisexual, and knowledge of these identities is rarer still. Depending on whether these views are motivated by a lack of knowledge or even fear, they can have different effects on the people who identify as LGBT and hear these views


However, for the most part, people are beginning to learn, talk and understand more about sexuality. The idea that it is on a spectrum, as opposed to a bunch of categories, is catching on, and people are finding words and descriptions for their experiences. Of course, we still have some way to go, but at least we are going somewhere positive. Each generation seems to be more open-minded than the last


As for coming out, all of us seem to have experience with it, whether it was us coming out or someone coming out to us. We all seem to have been pretty accepting and casual about it, which is great – coming out can be such a nerve-wracking experience.


But how should we support someone after they come out? You guys are on it – don’t question them, let them define who they are. Learn about their sexual identity, support their definition of themselves, and don’t just blurt out how they identify to everyone and anyone you meet. It’s sort of like any other relationship – love, respect, support and understanding is key


Thanks so much for coming out everyone, and also to @Ben-RO and @Chessca_H for facilitating with me! You've all been excellent tonight, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your night Smiley Very Happy

Re: [CHAT] #BIWEEK - Awareness, acceptance and visbility!

Thanks so much to @safari93 and @Ben-RO for co-facilitating and to everyone who partcipated tonight! Smiley Very Happy

Re: [CHAT] #BIWEEK - Awareness, acceptance and visbility!

some good tips here tonight, Thanks guys! wish I was able to come earlier

Re: [CHAT] #BIWEEK - Awareness, acceptance and visbility!

Wow! That went way too quickly! 

Do you have more to discuss? 

Do you have a burning question you want to explore answers to with us?

Make a post in the forums and let's talk about it over the next few days Smiley Happy



Thanks @Chessca_H and @safari93


and an honorable mention to 


For some truly excellent, insightful posts. Especially considering you're brand new here! 

Re: [CHAT] #BIWEEK - Awareness, acceptance and visbility!

It was an awesome conversation. Smiley Happy Thanks everyone for your amazing responses. Hope you guys all enjoy your week and maybe see you back here next week for another GR!

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: [CHAT] #BIWEEK - Awareness, acceptance and visbility!

Great job guys!

Thanks for the 10-15 mins I was here. Smiley Tongue

Re: [CHAT] #BIWEEK - Awareness, acceptance and visbility!

Thanks for doing such a great job guys! And thanks to everyone for joining in! I had an awesome time reading everyones responses!