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[CHAT] Back to school/study

Schools Back! Seems scary right? Nah, not really.


The holidays are (finally) winding down, and those days spent soaking up the sun, hanging out with friends, annoying your parents to let you do more ‘stuff’, and a life free from homework seem like a distant memory. But let’s be fair, your real concern about heading back to school next week is the HOMEWORK. Nothing else really changes.




Whilst it seems to be the time of year when many of us have murdered our body clocks so we could stay up to ridiculous hours of the morning doing just whatever we like, we will be rudely awoken by that dreaded alarm soon enough. I hate my alarm. And conversely, I love my bed! It seems that “just 5 more minutes” will make a world of hurt good before parting with the warmth and comfort.




To be fair though, greater issues actually exist. The emergence of expectations, time management, along with the nerves of potentially meeting new people, the first days back to school can be an unsettling time for some. Regardless if these expectations come from family, friends, teachers, or even yourself, it’s important to just do it your way.


I went to 2 different primary schools, plus my parents home schooled during year 4 (long story), but that all seems like a lifetime away. Went I went to high school, my first day was a nightmare. I was selected into a school last minute, and was the only person from my primary school to go to this particular school, ever. I knew no one. The social anxiety was immeasurable, for about half an hour, then I felt like I’d know these people forever. Looking back, high school was one of the best time of my life, so enjoy it while it lasts!




For me, entering my fourth (and hopefully final) year of university, these issues still ring true, and maybe even more so. I get to meet a cohort of new people every semester, as my double degree runs on a pattern like none other. I relish the first week, meeting all these like minded people, new lectures, and even the homework! The importance of expectations and time management ring so true for me nowadays, with many juggling study with work, hobbies, and some sort of social life. It truly a remarkable skill set to harness and master during adolescents.




So as I look back on what could have been over this summer, I look forward to what could be of this year. Whether you are going back to school, TAFE, university, or anything else, join us right here on Monday 19 January at 8pm, AEST! We’ll be chatting about everything back to school, including any stories about your first day, and what you look forward to over the coming year.


Re: Back to school/study

Happy Monday everyone Heart 


Welcome to tonight's Getting Real session!!! Tonight OrangeOliver, Sophie and I will be co-faciliating. We are chatting about going back to school/study and the good and bad feelings we have associated with that. If we go in positive then atleast the first few weeks will be good weeks and then we can find ways to cope through out the year.


So thank you all for coming tonight, it shall be an awesome night Smiley Happy


As you all know, it is important to keep to the forum guidelines please have a read if you haven't already and if at any time you need to talk, check the emergency tab at the top right and get some support. 


So to start us off tonight:

What will you miss about the holiday season?

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Re: Back to school/study

Hi @ruenhonx

Q1. What will you miss about the holiday season?
A: I will miss sleeping in! But mainly not having to worry about assessment deadlines and THEORISTS! Smiley Tongue

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Back to school/study

Hi everybody! 


I'm gonna kick things off.

What will you miss about the holiday season?

I think definitely the sleep ins, the sun, and all the TV! 


Re: Back to school/study

Hey! I'm not going back to school but I am going to Tafe, so wish my luck haha!

What will you miss about the holiday season?
Probably the whole no commitments thing, I only just went back to work the other week. It's nice just having nothing planned all day, you can go for some spontaneous adventure or just lay around on the couch all day - no plans!
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Re: Back to school/study

Hi all!!


What will you miss about the holiday season?

Probably the freedom of doing whatever you feel like. I'm working most weekdays, so I can't exactly enjoy this to the fullest, but knowing that I can while away the hours before and after work is pretty great in and of itself

Re: Back to school/study

Heyo! Can't believe I actually made it on here, first free Monday night in so long!


What will you miss about the holiday season?


The first thing that came to mind makes me feel old: earning money! I'll still have part time work during uni (Honours this year! Eek!) but nowhere near as many hours therefore nowhere near as much money Smiley Sad


Of course there's also the whole no 'homework', chances to sleep in, more time to see friends and do other things (or do nothing) as well! 

Re: Back to school/study

Welcome to tonights GR session @Bee 

Definitely have to agree with you regarding the sleep ins! 

Re: Back to school/study

@j95 what are you studying at tafe? Good luck by the way Smiley Happy

Re: Back to school/study

Hi all, looking forward to the chat Smiley Happy


What will you miss about the holiday season?


This is the first year I'm not studying so my holidays aren't over until I get a FT job! But when they are over I will miss catching up with my friends!! And going out whenever I want Smiley Happy