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[CHAT] Beards, tattoos, barbershops & craft beers

With Movember the most prominant campaign about mens mental health, is masculinity & mental health in 2015 all about beards, tattoos, barbershops and craft beers?


You've all heard phrases like "Be a man" and "suck it up" before. From an early age, many males are taught to be tough and physical - with the assumption that a "real man" is physically and emotionally strong, in control, and powerful. 




The problem with these social pressures is that they can make us feel out of place when we don't fit the stereotype. I for one do not fit this stereotype in the slightest! I have always been skinny and never athletic or great at sport (although I still have fun), tend to be quite introverted and kept to myself, and I have had plenty of my own emotional struggles throughout my life which i have openly talked about with friends.


The bottom line is, all of us, male or female, are amazingly diverse in our own ways, and shouldn't be expected to behave any certain way just because we're male or female. We don't have to be physically or emotionally strong, nor should we ever feel ashamed of being emotionally vulnerable or having our own struggles with our physical or mental health.


At our next GR session, we will be discussing what it really means to be a man, including the social pressures we all face, and mens health in general. Ultimately, we aim to raise awareness for mens health and get some great ideas from all of you!


People of all genders are invited to our chat on Monday 17th August from 8pm AEST right here - we'll discuss guys & mental health. Let's do this!



Re: [CHAT] Beards, tattoos, barbershops & craft beers

Welcome to tonights GR everyone! Tonight we’ll be talking about mens health and masculinity. If you’re not a dude, don’t worry, you’re still welcome to join in and contribute! Some of the questions will be more directed at males but we do have a bunch of more open ended ones so everyone can join in Smiley Happy


Please remember to check out the community guidelines and keep them in mind as we chat tonight. If you ever feel distressed throughout the session, please take a look at the emergency help resources.


Okay, let’s kick things off for tonight.

What do you think it means to be a man?

Re: [CHAT] Beards, tattoos, barbershops & craft beers

I'm gonna go ahead and answer this one myself.


I think that it shouldn’t mean anything too different from whatever it means to be a woman, but unfortunately we are socialised to behave a certain way. For example, growing up i’ve always felt like a big part of being a man was to be the “man of the house”. The strong guy who fixes things around the house and doesn’t seem to ever get upset (aka my dad).

Re: [CHAT] Beards, tattoos, barbershops & craft beers

Hi all! Welcome to tonight's chat. As @benjamin_ said everyone is more than welcome!

What do you think it means to be a man?
For me, this is a really tough question that I have put a lot of thought into over the last few years. I think being a 'man' means making sacrifices. Sacrificing what you want for the needs of your family or loved ones. Basically having the strength to make tough calls in life. What does everyone else think?

Re: [CHAT] Beards, tattoos, barbershops & craft beers

This is such a great topic to talk about! 


I think it is very hard for a lot of males in to be open about whats going on in their head because of the fear of stigmatsation, letting down their guard and feeling isolated. As a community and through organisations like ReachOut, Headspace etc we can try and make it more comfortable of males to open up about whats really getting them down. Most males numb the pain however, it won't solve the problem.


You're not alone in this world <3 <3  


Re: [CHAT] Beards, tattoos, barbershops & craft beers

interesting point @FItzChivalry


I'm with you on the idea of sacrificing what you want for the needs of others.

Re: [CHAT] Beards, tattoos, barbershops & craft beers

That's a great point, it seems like there are a lot of unfair conceptions about men today, but great organizations like RO are doing their best to break down the stigma and I think great progress is being made Smiley Happy Also welcome to the chat tonight steph! glad to have you on board

Re: [CHAT] Beards, tattoos, barbershops & craft beers

Welcome @stephRO!


You're so spot on with that post! It's definitely hard to be open when we're worried about stigma and I totally get what you mean about having your guard up. 



Re: [CHAT] Beards, tattoos, barbershops & craft beers



do you have many guy friends who struggle with being open about their feelings? Most of my guy friends have found it super challenging!

Re: [CHAT] Beards, tattoos, barbershops & craft beers

hey guys!