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[CHAT] Being happy, healthy…and thrifty

To be young and thrifty, or careful with your spending, is commonplace. It’s easy to understand our caution in paying for something when there are so many other things demanding our money and attention: bills/fees, food, clothes and the luxuries we really need…


After becoming financially responsible, I was your regular chic on the cheap; drawn to bargains and always choosing the cheapest options at the supermarket. I avoided ATMs and considered putting my savings in someone else’s account just so precious money wasn’t so accessible. I also never brought lunches at uni; they were always homemade.


Hence, when I forgot to pack lunch one day at uni, I was faced with the agonising dilemma of finding the most satisfying meal that would most importantly (it seemed) be cheapest. In the end, my mind and appetite were set on a $5 bowl of nachos from Wholefoods. I was feeling a wave of excitement from having saved a few extra dollars until the waiter joked, “I’m not sure that has much nutritional value in it.”


That’s when it hit me. Thriftiness, for all its convenience, trades in a few negative consequences, like a poor diet and unhealthy compromises. It’s not just saving on food that entails discomfort further down the road. I’ve heard stories of people feeling disconnected from friends who just want to visit flashy nightclubs during their downtown, rather than opt for a movie night at home with the ‘broke’ members of their social circle.


It seems that while money is a constant priority, we also need to take care of other dimensions of our being, like our health and social needs. It would be incredibly rewarding to live simple yet live well. So to avoid the risk of being busy on an empty stomach, perhaps I should invest more in a fulfilling and healthy breakfast rather than skip it and empty my pockets on cheap snacks throughout the day. When I’m committing to a group dinner, maybe I should be more frank with my friends and tell them I’m ordering on a small budget. I’m sure you can think of a few other ways I can be clever with my money.


Everyone must learn how to manage their expenses at some point, no matter the size of their savings account, so join us on the forums this Monday (20th October) at 8:00pm AEDT. We won’t just be sharing budgeting tips but also considering which ones are compatible with helping us maintain a happy, balanced lifestyle.

Hope to save you there Smiley Wink

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Re: [CHAT] Being happy, healthy…and thrifty

Hello everyone! Smiley Happy


Welcome to tonight’s Getting Real session on thriftiness! Managing our finances becomes more crucial with age and most of us find ourselves in a position where we have to cut back on spending. Tonight we will be talking about ways we can save money daily while remembering to prioritise our health and happiness as well.


Tonight our chat will be moderated by @hartley_  and myself. We’d like to remind you to take a look at, and abide by the community guidelines too – just so we can keep this as safe and interactive as possible Smiley Happy If anytime, you feel that you need to talk, please check out emergency help


Let's get started! Smiley Happy

Re: [CHAT] Being happy, healthy…and thrifty

Wooo thanks @Student94 

How is everyone going tonight?

Thriftiness! Something very close to me as I love saving money and am a mega stinge when it comes to lashing out and spendng money on things (well things that i cant wear ..)!

Re: [CHAT] Being happy, healthy…and thrifty

Hey guys, I'm well thanks! Had a mega huge day.


I'm looking forward to picking up some tips and tricks on saving money. I'm looking at moving out of home soon!

Re: [CHAT] Being happy, healthy…and thrifty

Welcome @florenceforever !

You've come to the right place! We'll definitely be discussing tips and tricks during this session

Re: [CHAT] Being happy, healthy…and thrifty

SO first things first! I hate spending money on things i can wear or that arent delicious!

There are soooo many annoying things that we have to spend money on these days... why cant cars run on air and phones have credit just by light of the sun or something?!



What are some things you find you spend most of your money on?


Re: [CHAT] Being happy, healthy…and thrifty

@hartley_ as a student, thriftiness is very close to me too!

Re: [CHAT] Being happy, healthy…and thrifty

Thanks @Student94 - looking forward to it!


I definitely spend a lot of money on food. Not as in like supermarket relatively cheap food. Like $6 toasted sandwiches at uni. $12 burgers, etc, etc. It's more the convenience than anything!

Re: [CHAT] Being happy, healthy…and thrifty

What are some things you find you spend most of your money on?


Definitely food and clothes Smiley Happy

Re: [CHAT] Being happy, healthy…and thrifty

@florenceforever me too! I make up all kinds of excuses not to make my own lunch!