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Re: [CHAT] Being in the moment.

self talk is definitely something I need to work on!
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: [CHAT] Being in the moment.

8. How can we use self-talk to help us focus on our actual task rather than these nerves?


Personally I try not to have too much  self talk, and just get on an experiencing level. When you have had a few drinks and are at an awesome party with all your friends, self-talk usually isnt there with me. So a lot of good experiences you are immersed in rather then having self-talk (and a lot of self talk is negative).


BUT im not all against self talk. When I meditate, I end up coming to quite a few "self-talk themes' if you like. When you really fall into yourself, I find this sense of 'fullness' its sort of a Zen ish concept of 'realizing that you are enough' rather then looking outside to 'fill your cup'. And when you have this feeling that you are full, you just want to expand out and GIVE to others. So will i meditate I will commonly engage in some self-talk about about giving and what I can do to help others. 


^This is just me though Smiley Tongue might sound a little weird to other people haha! its hard to explain through language its more a feeling.


Re: [CHAT] Being in the moment.

8. How can we use self-talk to help us focus on our actual task rather than these nerves?


It's been said (according to some awesome internet memes out there), that talking to yourself is HEALTHY! Smiley Very Happy

Good news for us monologuers heehee!


But in all seriousness, talking to oneself is SOOTHING kindof, isn't it? I wonder if it comes from when we were very small, and our parents talked to us soothingly, talked us through problems, stresses, worries and tears - putting life back in perspective for our little minds, and making us feel supported, loved, validated and that there was someone bigger out there looking out for us. Actually, they modelled this skill for us! AND not to worry - if your parents weren't in touch with this level of caregiving, the fact that YOU as a young person are doing it and learning it NOW, is what counts....


This line of thought is getting deep, but there's a reason for the madness: Using constructive self-talk is a form of self-love, and caring for ourselves is the biggest best thing we can do for a healthy mind and bod!


So yeah, I like it when i hear people talking to themselves, and esp giving themselve a pep talk! and Kids do it all the time! Smiley Happy


Re: [CHAT] Being in the moment.

"... watch your thoughts float by like a cloud ..."


Or something to that effect.

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: [CHAT] Being in the moment.

I think it's really interesting that we have a pile of different answers here!


It seems like for a lot of us self talk doesn't matter, unless it's negative self talk?


Does that mean that the solution to negative self talk isn't posttive self talk but just being in the moment and not being in the negative thoughts? 


While @sunflowers5 finishes their summary, 


What do we all think?!?


Also high fives for an Infobus or GR on self talk?


Re: [CHAT] Being in the moment.



Great talk tonight guys!!

Mindfulness is an amazing concept, and if applied properly it can have a great impact on your life. 

Some awesome points made tonight were:

-Mindfulness can help in both COPING and THRIVING – so it’s a concept that can really benefit everyone!

-Being in the moment is as much about what i am not doing as it is about what i am doing. 

-Being in the moment, captures that feeling when time is inconsequential... you're not even aware of it passing... you're totally focussed on what's at hand,what you're doing at that time, you're really engaged in it. 

- It;s a place of awareness of just what is in front of you - where all your senses are attuned to... with no stress about the 'past' or the 'future’.

-Breaking out of your comfort zone and living in the moment can bring one of the most satisfying feelings ever! Just by dancing, talking, meeting new people, educating, attending interviews, being a part of a sports team .. its all there.

- Making stress manageable is to 're-centre myself' to the present moment. If I am stressed its usually because I am overwhelmed by the huge amount of things I need to do. Guiding yourself back from thinking about what you have to do, to what you are doing now.

-Also all those tasks, can only be done one small step at a time.

-Taking each responsibility as it comes instead of worrying about your workload all at once is a great way to reduce stress as well as living in the moment. 

-Stress reducers involve a lot such as venting out all the stress through talking, crying, or showering, meditation, self-talk, getting carried away with something that soothes your nerves - even simply watching a youtube video. 

-Worry usually refers to imagined possibilities that we project into the future. It is the ‘what if’s’ that if get carried away can blow up into ‘catastrophic thinking’ that is out of proportion…. and of course can cause a lot of stress.

-Some things that help keep stress to a manageable level are doing some physical exercise like walking, stretches, yoga poses, cycling, have a swim , going out to potter in the garden, or clean up a bit downstairs. Or tune out by watching a spot of tele, a movie,or read a book, or something totally brainless and in the moment  ...and Make sure overall that I eat pretty much healthy, getenough sleep.

-Could we use strategies we discussed in relation to stress and worry, to help quiet our mind and promote better sleep?Alot of the time when we struggle to sleep it relates to an active or anxious mind.. So using soothing techniques to reduce stress and worry such as playing some tunes. writing and diverting your mind can really help relax the mind.. And I think once thats done better sleep can be an outcome for sure!

-A schedule is essential in having organisational or ‘time management’ skills.  Having a schedule and task list that my brain can 'trust' I find myself rehearsing all those things I need to do over and over, which absolutely destroys my mindful practise and my general sense of wellbeing.

-Prioritising responsibilities and putting yourself first. Its important to get your work done and also give yourself some time to rest and treat your self before taking up tasks or plans that you know you shouldn't be doing ahah!


-Self-talk is really important in getting through our day-to-day lives. It increases self-belief, reassurance and also lets us feel in control. 

-All these things let us focus on the positive aspects of what we want to do and diverts our mind away from the negativity. Which then leads us to live in the moment and enjoy whatever we are doing ... Self talk can be a huge initiator in having a confident, positive and healthy mind. 

-Using constructive self-talk is a form of self-love, and caring for ourselves is the biggest best thing we can do for a healthy mind and bod!


Hope you guys have all benifitted from todays talk and hope to have a mindful mind from tomorrow Smiley Very Happy 


Re: [CHAT] Being in the moment.

I'm onto it, @Troy ! Thx for the links Smiley Happy


Re: [CHAT] Being in the moment.

Oh - After I came back from a holiday in thailand, I couldnt help think to myself 'How lucky I was, and how greatful I am' for the things im able to do in life. Although this intense gratefulness only lasted a few weeks, that was definately 'positive self-talk' Smiley Happy


Re: [CHAT] Being in the moment.

Thanks for the eloquent summary, @sunflowers5, and also


Good night all @Troy @Ben-RO @stonepixie @j95 ! It was a super discussion tonight!


Heart Feeling the love Smiley Happy


Re: [CHAT] Being in the moment.

@Ben-RO  im glad you raised that Smiley Happy


I guess there is positive self-talk and negative self-talk. and I think mindfulness would say to become less attached to your thoughts.


Theres a phrase that " You are not your thoughts" , meaning we experience thoughts but we dont have to identify and become overally attached with them, as many thoughts are 'automatic thoughts' which may not all be helpful.


you definately have to look at it from a few perspectives they all seem to offer some value Smiley Happy


Im sure if I was in a different mood I would apporach this question very differently haha! Smiley Tongue