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[CHAT] Body Image

It’s summer here in Australia, and with summer comes pressures and expectations about what your body should look like and what you should be doing. These pressures can come from lots of places – from yourself, to your mates, to the ads you see on TV. People think that they have to get the perfect "bikini body", or that it's time to lose weight, or that they just need to look their best when they're down at the beach with their friends.


Does society (and ourselves) put unreasonable expectations on us? How can we overcome this? How can we stay positive about our body?


All of this can be a bit overwhelming and confusing, so join us here on Monday 27th February at 8pm AEDT, or click 'Reply' to start the chat now!

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What an excellent blog post @roseisnotaplant! I gave you three high fives for it! I had to grow an extra arm for this to be possible.


Can't wait to join this chat on Monday Smiley Happy

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Haha, thanks @Ben-RO! Looking forward to it as well Smiley Very Happy

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Everyone is beautiful in our own way, not based on someone else's opinion 

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Hey everyone,


Tonight we're going to be discussing an issue that is big in society today, body image and body confidence. 



AThis can be a difficult topic so if at all you find this conversation distressing or you feel like you need to talk to someone, please don’t hesitate to call lifeline (13 11 12) or Kids Helpline (1800 55 1800).  If you are new or need a quick reminder of our community guidelines, you can find them here.


Looking forward to this convo tonight!  Definitely going to be interesting Smiley Happy

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Heya all! I probably won't stick around because it's a billion degrees in my room right now, but wanted to pop in and say hi Smiley Tongue

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

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Hey everybody! So lovely to see you all tonight! .... well your avatars anyway 



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Hey @lokifish @May_! Keep cool, it is pretty warm tonight.

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Hey everyone