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[CHAT] Can we be your study buddy?

It’s the first day of class, and you’re pumped! You’ve got your bag with your books and stationary, a water bottle, maybe some lunch if you have classes the whole day. You are so ready to study the heck out of this subject! You’re going to hand in all of your assignments on time, take all the notes, do all the readings and attend all the lectures!!


liz lemon


For some people, that can be true for their entire study period. However, it doesn’t always work out like that for everyone. For a lot of us, there may be other aspects of our lives that we don’t anticipate will affect our studies. You might have moved away from home to study, and now you have to learn how to look after yourself, navigate a new place and develop new social contacts while juggling studies.




Studying while also coping with mental illness is no mean feat either. Mental illness can mess with your energy levels and motivation, making studying even more difficult than it needs to be.


So then how do you manage life and study, all at once? It might not be something you learn quickly, or even easily, but it isn’t impossible. Everyone has their own way of juggling study with work, a social life, volunteering and also getting in a regular eating and sleeping schedule.


So tune in Monday the 19th of September at 8pm AEST to learn (and even give advice) on how to write all the notes, do all the assignments and pass all the classes, while caring for your health and wellbeing.



Re: [CHAT] Can we be your study buddy?

We'll see if my internet cooperates and lets me login at all. If not, it'll be time to dive into my 3G since this is a really interesting topic.

Re: [CHAT] Can we be your study buddy?

Looking forward to partaking in the GR sessions!

Re: [CHAT] Can we be your study buddy?

Hey all! Welcome to tonight’s GR Session, where we’ll be talking about how to balance study life with everything else. Joining me tonight, as per usual, is @Ben-RO!!


 If you haven’t already, check out our Community Guidelines to make sure this space stays safe and accessible for anyone. If at any point things get a bit too intense for you, feel free to check out our Emergency Help, or just log out for a little while!.


Anyways, let’s get going!


  1. How do you study? What helps you get all your work done

Re: [CHAT] Can we be your study buddy?

Hey @safari93 thanks for coming along to help run the show!


Welcome @Super_Me and @RevzZ (if your internet is holding up okay) 


Also @j95 @N1ghtW1ng @lokifish... anyone else care to join?

Re: [CHAT] Can we be your study buddy?

hey! yes im here
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Re: [CHAT] Can we be your study buddy?

Hey @Ben-RO and @j95!! I actually have many things to say about this topic so I'm super keen!


How do you study? What helps you get all your work done?


It kind of depends, I like to study alone and in a group. Usually I'll study by myself to get the content, or to work on an assignment, and then do group study to help me remember information. I find it easier to prepare for exam questions when you have other people to help quiz you and whatnot

Re: [CHAT] Can we be your study buddy?

  1. How do you study? What helps you get all your work done

I must confess i am not the best studier! 


I have found a couple of things help me though:


Incentives- whether it be a fun thing I can do at the end of some study or reminding myself why doing the study actually matters


Regular breaks- I find that i study best if i take a break after about 30 minutes of study. And a bigger break every hour. I am pretty impressed at people who can study for longer than that!


Pomodoro- it's just a way of timing out your breaks, and also having some rules about the study time.... i can explain more if anyone is curious. 


Planning ahead- i am not very good at this, i know i am pretty good at underestimating how tricky something can be, so I try to actually think about and even write down all the bits i need to learn. This helps me realise how much work i have to do and actually get started!


Break things into small chunks- kind of related to planning, find smaller bits of the bigger task and focus on doing them. Helps you keep track of progress. 


Just get started- the hardest part for me is just starting a session. Once i have spent about half an hour actually studying, i often realise it's not that bad and can get another five minutes in Smiley Tongue 

Re: [CHAT] Can we be your study buddy?

I'm on my phone so I don't know how to add all those @ things and bolded words. Anyway....
1. How do you study? What helps you get all your work done?

This is a good question because I just watched a Ted Talk on procrastination, with an impulsive monkey making us play on the "dark playground" of procrastination. Worth watching if you procrastinate too much.
I study by repetition (rote learning) through Quizup. I love playing Quizup so much so I thought I'd somehow integrate it into my study somehow. And it has worked well for basic concepts such as vocab and basic definitions. I'm one of those people who study well alone but I understand that group studies definitely reinforce the learning better for others. A quiet environment and maybe a little quiet jazz music gets the job done for me.

Re: [CHAT] Can we be your study buddy?

I'm here! I've just had a quick shower though so give me a minute Smiley Tongue

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