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[CHAT] Dealing with Conflict






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Yes you, reading this.  I don’t like your hair. I disagree with your opinions.  Your new deodorant smells horrendous! 





Before you hit your screen, log complaints against @tsnyder, or wonder what’s wrong with your new fragrance, take a second.  You may have felt frustrated or angry reading that, or you may have wondered if I have completely lost the plot and am going on an abusive rampage.  Whilst I don’t consider myself to be overly sane, my remarks against your ‘do’ have a purpose.  This Getting Real session is about CONFLICT or, specifically, dealing with conflict. 



Conflict can come in all shapes and sizes, and can manifest in family, friend, or workplace relationships.  You can have inner conflict, such as when you feel guilty.  You may even have conflicting desires and decisions, such as having to choose between getting either chocolate ice-cream or vanilla (chocolate is the correct decision).  With so many opportunities for conflict, it’s amazing that we aren’t in constant nation-wide ice-cream-hurling turmoil.  Since we aren’t in a sugary mess, and you didn’t hit your computer screen, something must be happening to diffuse or right the situation. 



Which is where you come in!




This Monday we want to hear from you: what ways and means do you have of dealing with conflict? Do you count to 10?  Think about it before reacting?  Talk to a friend?  Hit the gym?

Also, is conflict always a bad thing? How can it be positive?




This will be an all-out discussion about conflict, when, how, and why it happens, and what effective steps are that we can employ when it does.  Your opinion would be appreciated and we hope to hear it!


Come and join us at 8pm AEST on Monday the 18th September 

Re: [CHAT] Dealing with Conflict

Happy Monday Beautiful people Smiley Happy


Welcome to tonight’s Getting Real session! Tonight we are talking about conflict, we all experience it in different forms but we all deal with conflict differently. 


Tonight's session is about understanding where conflict comes from and how we can resolve it in a way that  won't be harmful to our mental health. Tonight @tsnyder and I will be co-facilitating this chat and we can't wait to hear how you deal with conflict.


Please remember to have a look at the community guidlines if you haven't already and keep them in mind as we chat tonight. If anything comes up for you during this session that makes you feel like you need to talk to someone please check out the emergency help resources


So to start us off, What causes conflict?

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: [CHAT] Dealing with Conflict

1. What causes conflict?


A disagreement of any sort! Internal, between people etc.  What do you think?

Re: [CHAT] Dealing with Conflict

Yeah I agree @tsnyder miscommunication and misunderstandings cause conflict as well.
**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: [CHAT] Dealing with Conflict

Yeah @ruenhonx misunderstandings can definitely be a big part of it! What about when people understand each other and still disagree?

Re: [CHAT] Dealing with Conflict

I think taht conflict is caused by differences, misunderstandings or someone's stress being offloaded on another person-sometimes by mistake Smiley Tongue

Re: [CHAT] Dealing with Conflict

Yeah I think that is a common one too @tsnyder

I once had an argument with someone who was saying the same thing I was saying but we were saying things differently. Took a while to finally be like oh we agree with each other Smiley Tongue
**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: [CHAT] Dealing with Conflict


Hey everyone!



What causes conflict?


Maybe i'm jumping the gun here but conflict is caused in so many different ways because there is so many different forms of coflict. 


- Between people

- Between your own thoughts, feelings and opinions 

- Between situations. 


Conflict is caused when two things are different to one another and cannot seem to go together. 

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Re: [CHAT] Dealing with Conflict

Welcome @Derpington! Yeah that's a great point about offloading stress onto someone else.  Do you think that's often a cause of conflict?

Re: [CHAT] Dealing with Conflict

Welcome @Derpington I think the stress being offloaded is so very common cause of conflict. My mum does that a lot.
**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**