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Re: [CHAT] Different abilities not disability!

So true, sunflowers5! Hello by the way Smiley Happy


We need much more support in the community! What has been the experience in your line of work, @sunflowers5 

Wouldn't it be good if politicians actualy took notice of where their funding should go.


I am amazed by how many organisations i have come across in the community though, that not only help those with disabilities, but also mental illness, and also the aged and infirm in our communities...


Re: [CHAT] Different abilities not disability!

Hi platypus23! I agree too - we need to make our communities more inclusive and supportive!

Re: [CHAT] Different abilities not disability!

definitely @Platypus23 


more support in the community would really go a long way!


Re: [CHAT] Different abilities not disability!

Thanks everyone! Tonight was a great/important/interesting chat!

Re: [CHAT] Different abilities not disability!

Thank you everyone for joining us tonight and you have all been so vital to this discussion. Here is the summary for those that missed the convo. Smiley Happy Have a blessed week everyone 


  1. We've all got differing abilities, but how would you define disability? What are the different types?

Disability is a broad term but can be viewed as impairment, it is not a sickness it is just a different way of interacting with the world. Some types are blindness, speech, hearing, physical and learning but a disadvantage in one area can make other areas stronger.

  1. Do you or someone you know have a disability?

We each knew someone with a disability and discussed how support and optimism are very important to facing changes and societal views. There is stigma and discrimination associated with the term “disability” which is one of the challenges faced in society because it is such a broad term; it groups individuals together as the “same”.  

  1. What are some of the myths and misconceptions about people with disabilities?

There are many but a few that people with disabilities are not interested or cannot have sex, that disabilities are obvious, that they are helpless, that they are not happy, that mental illnesses are not disabilities. There are many more and this site debunks the common myths.

  1. How can we combat these stereotypes in our everyday lives?

We can do this on a big scale or a small scale, we could start by not feeding into stereotypes, not using negative words or phrases in relation to disability, stop using the word “retarded” to describe something negative or in general conversation and gain knowledge by researching, speaking to someone who has a disability or volunteering.

  1. Can you think of some challenges that people with disabilities overcome?

Some of the challenges might be impaired mobility, being treated differently or less than, the stigma and discrimination, finding employment, studying, travel, sports, being dismissed and the lack of empathy because we are not in that situation.

  1. What are 3 important things you can think of that we as a society need to do to make our communities more inclusive?

We can start by being more understanding, accepting and speaking up and not being bystanders, we can also raise awareness about different disabilities and educate students, teachers, organisations to encourage participation and acceptance.

  1. Who are some role models you can think of when it comes to people with disabilities?

Some of our role models are Stephen Hawking, Stella Young, Adam Hills, Tom Cruise, Stevie Wonder, and Will Smith. There are many individuals out there who are inspirations and show that having disabilities should not limit oneself.

  1. What is one thing you have learnt from this session?

Some of the things we learnt tonight that some mental illnesses can be disabilities and the very minimal support given to them and the lack of pension and services available. There is still so much to learn and we just need to seek knowledge and awareness.


Here are some links you guys can read to further gain knowledge and understanding



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Re: [CHAT] Different abilities not disability!


Re: [CHAT] Different abilities not disability!

Hey @Platypus23

My line of work? Not really anything! I think my experience has just been pushing myself to meet new people and thats where I basically learnt the lack or empathy and understanding we have towards things we do not know. (my perspectives have changed heaps) 

haha it sure would be nice! Unfortunately we still have have to hope that happens one day!

oh wow, thats so touching to hear. Definitely a good change!


Re: [CHAT] Different abilities not disability!

Thank you for the great chat tonight, guys! Smiley Very Happy


Have a good night! 

Stay excellent

Re: [CHAT] Different abilities not disability!

Well, I walked in on the conversation a tad late! Smiley Wink

Serves me right for taking a stroll around the block after dinner.


Thanks for letting me know, @sunflowers5 


And thanks too @Myvo 


Cheers for now


Re: [CHAT] Different abilities not disability!

Thanks for an awesome conversation tonight everyone Smiley Happy Cheers!