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Re: CHAT: Driving 18 June


Re: CHAT: Driving 18 June

Sad that I missed this chat but something really important came up unfortunately. I enjoyed reading through all of your answers though! @Bee @mrmusic @scared01 @LeoTheLion @Eagle


Hey @steana


1. If you can drive, who do you like to drive with or do you prefer to drive alone?

It's been a journey but yes I can drive (yay)! I feel most comfortable driving with one trusted person who can also drive. Driving with a full car, with people who don't know how to drive or with people I don't know that well can be stressful. I really like driving alone if it's somewhere that I am familiar with but if it's unfamiliar it can be a bit stressful.


2. How do you manage stress/nerves when driving/learning to drive? Any tips for learner drivers?

My main tip would be that everyone who learns how to drive goes through that really stressful period and you can and will get past it! Smiley Happy I was on my Ls for four years and really thought I would never get my license but I eventually did!


3. What helps make long drives fun/exciting? Any fav snacks or tunes?

A great driving playlist is essential!!


4. What are some ways you can stay focused when you are driving for long periods of time?

This is something I struggle with a lot but I would say conversations, music, snacks and coffee!


5. How do/did you cope/manage your nerves around/during driving tests? Did you pass first go or did you have multiple attempts? If you failed your driving test how did you stay motivated to keep going?

I was soo nervous before my test but somehow managed to get through it and pass Smiley Very Happy I focused a lot on self talk to try to calm myself down - reminding myself that I can just do it again if I fail and that it doesn't mean I'm a bad driver etc


6. DO you have a funny story or driving fail you feel comfortable in sharing?

Probably just getting beeped at a lot when I was on my Ls (who beeps L platers?! So mean...)!