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Re: (CHAT) Gender Roles

My mum stays home looks after the house dad was working a while back but he can't

Re: (CHAT) Gender Roles

@less123321 I agree, you phrased that very well, I totally understood what you were trying or get across Smiley Happy 


It is interesting @N1ghtW1ng!


@ErinsAntics That's fair enough, I definitely agree that everybody has their own strengths and places where they feel most comfortable. 


What's a way that you bend gender roles and how can we support those who do? 

Hmm this is tricky 'cos I identify as non binary which is kinda bending the gender binary itself but not so much gender roles I guess Smiley Tongue Personally I try to be as empathetic and caring a person as I can be because I think that's the most important thing regardless of your gender. 

Re: (CHAT) Gender Roles

I feel so boring but I honestly don't feel like I bend the gender roles, unless you count me knowing the technical side of computers and that stuff. In high school I also won the top mark computing award 3 out of 4 semesters in years 11 and 12 despite being the only girl in the class.

Everyone is different so it's just chatting to them about their interests and encouraging them. One of my guy friends is the youngest out of 5 kids and the only boy so he has grown up with sisters because of that he isn't a typical guy and likes interior design and takes care of how he looks which is awesome. We should celebrate each others differences regardless is they are the gender norms or not. If a guy likes make up then that's cool, if a girl knows her way round a mechanic that's awesome it shouldn't matter as to them it brings them joy.

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: (CHAT) Gender Roles

@less123321 true it's great to be surrounded by people who are supportive of you no matter what Smiley Happy

What's a way that you bend the gender roles and how can we support those who do?
I work with kids so you see a lot of gender roles in the activities that they prefer to do. Whenever I see a kid challenging it or doing something different I always encourage them

Re: (CHAT) Gender Roles

@scared01nice Smiley Happy If you could, would you change your interest?


@less123321 those are great tips Smiley Happy Having a support network is a great way to stay confident in yourself.


WELCOME @Nightruner23! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Thanks for coming along Smiley Happy It's interesting that mums are often the ones who stay at home. Although I believe that's changing now. Did your mum or dad ever want to switch places?


@DruidChildbending gender binary can count too Smiley Tongue Being empathetic and caring is so important, it's wonderful that you are (I can tell Smiley Happy)


@ErinsAnticsyou are so not boring Smiley Tongue Differences should always be celebrated! That is fantastic advice Smiley Very Happy Did you ever have any trouble being the only girl in the class? Also, that's so awesome you won the top mark!


@May_ you're definitely one of those awesome role models, being encouraging to kids (and to anyone) is really important. You rock Smiley Very Happy

Re: (CHAT) Gender Roles

@ErinsAntics joy is so important!! Smiley Very Happy


@less123321 yes surrounding ourselves with those who accept us is sooo helpful Heart


Aw thank you @N1ghtW1ng Heart


@May_ seeing kids be themselves and learn new things and be curious is one of my fave things about them, it's part of why I want to be paediatric nurse, so I can role model that we can be whoever we want to be Smiley Happy



Re: (CHAT) Gender Roles

Yeah true that @N1ghtW1ng mum use to work as well but that was long time ago

Re: (CHAT) Gender Roles

I think it's time for the next question now, we're almost to the end of the night! 


Do you think gender roles becoming more fluid in this day and age?

Re: (CHAT) Gender Roles

Hey @Nightruner23 and welcome  ☺

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: (CHAT) Gender Roles

//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//