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Re: (CHAT) Gender Roles

@N1ghtW1ng and @scared01 thanks for heading up the chat Smiley Very Happy It was very uplifting! 


What is one thing you've learnt from tonight's chat? How will you use that knowledge in your every-day life?

I learnt that people are willing to talk about this issue and share their knowledge and experiences in a respectful way. Maybe I'll be more willing to start conversations about this now Smiley Happy 

Re: (CHAT) Gender Roles

I hate gender roles. Everyone should be able to do whatever they feel like and not be judged for it. 

Re: (CHAT) Gender Roles

That's awesome @DruidChild Smiley Happy I hope any conversations go well!

@LeoTheLion they can suck at times, can't they? It's great that you're open about people not being judged Smiley Happy

Re: (CHAT) Gender Roles

I learnt that people should just do what they want no matter if its in their normal gender role or not. Well i already knew that was just reiterated Smiley Wink


Thanks for the chat everyone


It was so good seeing you all Smiley Happy

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: (CHAT) Gender Roles

Thank you to everyone who came on tonight! 

@scared01 @LeoTheLion @DruidChild @missep @May_ @Nightruner23 @ErinsAntics @less123321 @j95 (sorry if I missed anyone! It was amazing having you all on Smiley Happy)

It was fantastic talking to you all! I think this has been one of the best GR's in awhile Smiley Tongue (look out for a post on that, we're thinking of making changes) Feel free to make another thread or keep using this one tonight if you'd like to share more about gender roles Smiley Happy


See you around the forums! Smiley Wink