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Re: [CHAT] Healthy Eating Aug 13

@Birdeye yeeees! I am exactly the same even though I am a foot shorter than him and do significantly less exercise. I find dividing it up beforehand can help with this so you don't feel pressure to eat faster than you would like to Smiley Tongue

Re: [CHAT] Healthy Eating Aug 13

That's so true! and if you chop it up so small then you can barely taste it Smiley Happy @May_


Re: [CHAT] Healthy Eating Aug 13

@missep i love the idea of using whole meal sheets of pasta! thanks for the idea i might give that ago myself Smiley Happy ooh and that might work well for spaghetti bolognase too and add in some extra vegies to the mixes too
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Re: [CHAT] Healthy Eating Aug 13

Again @May_ I feel you! I used to dislike SO many things but now I am a bit less fussy and better at cooking so I have opened up a bit Smiley Happy

Re: [CHAT] Healthy Eating Aug 13

yes! @scared01 if you try it please let me know Smiley Happy
Definitely would work for that! Because wholemeal/wholegrain pasta is better for you apparently Smiley Happy

Re: [CHAT] Healthy Eating Aug 13

@missep hahaha yes so true my life was changed when I discovered chopping veggies I don't like by themselves up really small :')

Re: [CHAT] Healthy Eating Aug 13

@missep @May_ I did the "chop it up into miniscule pieces" strategy with my dinner tonight Smiley Tongue I *hate* the texture of eggplant but if I dice it finely enough then I don't even notice it Smiley Happy
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Re: [CHAT] Healthy Eating Aug 13

@lokifish yees love it! Eggplant is one of the veggies I still haven't worked into my cooking...the texture is just so weird I find Smiley Sad What did you have it with?

Re: [CHAT] Healthy Eating Aug 13

for sure @missep

actually speaking of pasta, my mum tried the zuhccini pasta too both fresh and the packet one (its all green coloured) the fresh i wasnt a fan but the packet one was ok, you couldnt really taste the difference between that and the white pasta. jsut thought id meantion it incase others like that sort of thing too Smiley Happy
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because your WORTH it!**

Re: [CHAT] Healthy Eating Aug 13

Sorry I'm late all! I had a thing on Smiley Happy



What do you think healthy eating is? Do you think eating one snack (chips, ice cream) is still considered healthy eating?

Everyone has awesome answers I love @Birdeye's response about how much you are eating Smiley Happy

@missep @lokifish they are great ideas! I tend to eat out of boredom at times :/ so I'll try that! Smiley Happy

@scared01 but boredom eating is all about that naughty sweet stuff is it not Smiley Tongue


What are the biggest barriers or challenges of eating healthy for you?

temptation... I'm so bad, if I see a special I usually buy it... I get carried away too easily. But I'm learning to restrain myself haha


Is healthy eating boring?

yes and no, I think it can be boring if you let it but you can make it fun. I like to make faces and shapes out of my food as I serve it so it looks more appetising Smiley Tongue


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