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[CHAT] Holiday boredom. It's a thing??

We’ve all experienced it at some point in our school lives. We get on the home stretch for the year and absolutely crave being on holidays. Next thing we know, we’ve been on holidays for five weeks and have achieved absolutely nothing. Sound familiar? Yep, thought so. You’re experiencing holiday boredom!




It’s understandable too. The summer holidays are really long. For years 11s, 12s and uni students, holidays started over a month ago. The holidays are also often spent with the people you live with working part or full time.


For me, the boredom really sets in after New Years. I work in retail, so December is always very busy and my hours triple. In about the second week of January, I notice that I tend to be a bit lazy. I wake up later than usual, I mope around watching tv, eating whatever and whenever I feel like. Sure, this can be great for a day or two, but after a while you start to think ‘I am really wasting my time.’ Because before you know it, school or uni starts again, and you feel like those three months were a missed opportunity. Don't get me wrong though - doing nothing can be a great use of time if you're purposeful and mindful about it.




I remember the end of year 6 and end of year 7 holidays were actually not good for me. I was incredibly bored and in turn felt really low. I overate, didn’t exercise and spent all day every day on the internet. I basically wasted all my time, just waiting for the next school year to start. My Dad ended up taking me on a trip to Melbourne near the end of one of the holidays, just so that I had done something during the 10 week period.


I know that myself and my friends sometimes go through phases during the long summer holidays. One summer holidays I got really into photography and editing, another I got into running and getting super fit. I think it’s really great when this happens. To actually find an interest during the holidays gives you purpose, which gives you motivation to get up and do things!


The summer holidays are a wonderful time to explore our interests and have fun, let’s not waste this precious time by being bored! Join us on December 15th from 8pm to talk about how we can combat holiday boredom, and really make the most of our free time.


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Re: [CHAT] Holiday boredom. It's a thing??

Sorry for the delay guys !!! 




Tonight's chat will be moderated by myself (of course) and the famous @florenceforever, and before we dive right in have a look at our community guidelines and follow them, just so we can keep this space as safe and accessible as possible!! If at any time you feel like things are getting a bit intense, feel free to check out emergency help


Lets keep it real, first question 

What does being bored actually mean? how does it feel? how would you describe it?

Re: [CHAT] Holiday boredom. It's a thing??

Hey all Smiley Happy

What does being bored actually mean? how does it feel? how would you describe it?

Boredom for me is like a feeling. It feels both mental and physical. Mentally it's like I can't connect to anything. I can't get motivated to do anything. I also seem to get agitated really easily.

Physically it feels like this huge weight on me. Like moving at all is too much to ask. 

I lose interest easily in tasks that I do. I feel like I don't have any inspiration or creativity.

It's not a great feeling at all!

Re: [CHAT] Holiday boredom. It's a thing??

Hey @EloiseRose and @florenceforever 

What does being bored actually mean? how does it feel? how would you describe it?

Being bored to me is having little to think about. Having your mind occupied is a good thing! Smiley Happy

When you have little to think about, you can lack motivation and feel unhappy.

Re: [CHAT] Holiday boredom. It's a thing??

Hi everyone! Glad I've finally been able to make it to a GR again tonight - I've missed them! Looking forward to the chat as always Smiley Happy

What does being bored actually mean? how does it feel? how would you describe it?

That is actually a really good question. I think being bored means that you've got nothing meaningful to do - different to having nothing to do. I think that if you're bored you're not interested in the activity options that are available to you and you don't do anything, or you do something that has no meaning and is 'boring'. A bit in-depth I know! I'm coming at from a theoretical perspective because it's something we've discussed in my uni course. It feels very frustrating and like it will never end! I hate being bored.

Re: [CHAT] Holiday boredom. It's a thing??

Welcome @Student94 

I definitely agree! Being bored for extended amounts of time can really get me down

Re: [CHAT] Holiday boredom. It's a thing??

i think thats a great point. theres being bored physically and being bored mentally. Physically for me its like I'm not connect to the couch or something like that. and Mentally its like i have no focus even though thats obviously the one thing i want haha

Re: [CHAT] Holiday boredom. It's a thing??

Glad you could make it @delicatedreamer! Smiley Happy 


 I definitely agree in showing no interest in things. Definitely different to having nothing to do. 

Re: [CHAT] Holiday boredom. It's a thing??

hey @Student94 welcome to tonight!
So true being too bored can make you feel unhappy

Re: [CHAT] Holiday boredom. It's a thing??

I agree @Student94 and @florenceforever being bored has a negative effect on my mood and motivation to be involved in activities too.