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Re: [CHAT] Holiday boredom. It's a thing??

@florenceforever no I haven't seen your foot video and I can proudly say I do not have a foot fetish!

Re: [CHAT] Holiday boredom. It's a thing??

Hahahah good to know @Randomness

Re: [CHAT] Holiday boredom. It's a thing??

Alright guys, we're going to start wrapping things up now. Thanks all for participating!  Here is the summary for those that missed the convo. 


  1. What does being bored actually mean? how does it feel? how would you describe it?
  • Lacking interest in doing things
  • Both a physical and mental sensation
  • Can negatively affect mood


  1. What is the difference between boredom and relaxation, how are they the same and how are they different?
  • When you’re relaxed you enjoy having little to do
  • We often feel energised and motivated whilst relaxed
  • Whereas boredom can often really bring you down
  • You choose to relax, whereas you don’t choose to be bored


  1. So if holidays are filled with all this done time and time off, whats so good about ‘empty’ time or time when you have nothing to do? Why might being bored be a good sign?
  • Being bored gives you a break at ‘life’ when you’re stressed and busy. It can give you the time off you need.
  • Gives you time to think
  • Gives you time to plan for the future
  • Gives you time to make LIFE CHANGING decisions


  1. Why don’t people like to be bored? Some people find it really hard to deal with boredom
  • People don’t want to appear they aren’t doing anything
  • It makes you feel like you aren’t achieving anything
  • Can cause us to dwell on negative thoughts
  • Lack routine and social connections


  1. How do you know when you’re starting to get bored? Or is it one minute you’re not bored next minute you are?
  • Feeling uninterested whilst reading or watching TV
  • Not having anything planned for the day
  • Aimlessly searching the internet
  • Losing interest in the activity you were doing
  • Feeling restless/fidgety and your mind starts to wander


  1. How do you stop yourself from being bored in the short term like hours or a day?
  • Hangout/chat with people – even if it is over social media
  • Get outside – even if it’s just going for a walk around the street
  • Bake/cook delicious goodness
  • Use adult colouring in books – that are in no way lame


7. How do you stop yourself from being bored/ getting bored for extended periods of time like weeks or months??

  • Learn a new skill or hobby
  • Pick up a skill or hobby that you had stopped doing because you previously had little time to do it
  • Find something that you can improve on – ie a personal best running time
  • Go to free events
  • Develop habits that help combat short term boredom
    Set goals for yourself

    8. Lets face it we all get to some pretty hilarious points in our life’s when we are bored… what is something you have done at the height of your boredom?
  • Mindlessly eating huge amounts of Vegemite
    Making Youtube videos about painting your nails for the world to see
  • Organising the Christmas decorations into colour

    9. Is there something new you want to try these holidays to combat your boredom?' ie a new hobby/learning a new skill, etc.
  • Learn how to cook new dishes
  • Get into relaxation techniques/yoga
  • Get better at playing musical instruments
  • Learn how to play a musical instrument

Re: [CHAT] Holiday boredom. It's a thing??


Hey guys there are some links below for some tips and tricks so you don’t get too bored these holidays. Remember we decided a little bit of boredom is good J



thanks for jumping online tonight guys !


Re: [CHAT] Holiday boredom. It's a thing??

Night all! Smiley Very Happy

Re: [CHAT] Holiday boredom. It's a thing??

Night guys!

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: [CHAT] Holiday boredom. It's a thing??

I agree it was a great chat tonight! Thanks for moderating @EloiseRose and @florenceforever !

Goodnight everyone!

Re: [CHAT] Holiday boredom. It's a thing??

Night everyone Smiley Happy

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